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New Helminth Mods Introduced Numerous Bugs to Helminth


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Hello Dev team,

With the inclusion of the new Helminth Charger Mods, there's been a number of bugs that have cropped up in terms of their operation. They are mostly cosmetic, but there are a number of bugs that break the functionality of mod set, the pet, and even the warframe that holds those mods.

I'll post all found bugs below. Note that these bugs have appeared together and appear to be related. Might be easily repairable.


1): Helminth Charger cysts does not use energy color for cysts, using default color scheme (Bubblegum pink) instead



Details: Cysts ignore color energy. Several images on reddit are available of this function working properly.

Reoccurs: When cysts grow, pop, then grow again while in operator form.

Reoccurs: When in a high network latency area/lag spike. Cyst discoloration continues past lag spike.

Reoccurs: When bug 4 occurs

Reoccurs: When pet is killed, and revived in operator form, 25% of time

Reoccurs: After host migration

Recommended fix: Add multiple timed checks on mission start, after leaving arsenal, after migration, to check if color is set proper.


2): Helminth charger model does not properly wrap to hitbox or shrink with Strain Fever

(note: mod does not mention it is source of size increase, or details of what it's supposed to do other than look like I roided the pupper. Which is neat. Let it grow cysts while in the ship :3)

(computer crashed while taking picture, rip me. Can someone post a picture?)

Details: Model of Helminth charger does not appear to match hitbox after one complete cyst cycle. Roughly 50% of time, hitbox appears to remain stuck on large size, resulting in more random bullets not aimed at pupper. Each instance of this happening will cause the Helminth charger's AI to stop functioning until the cyst cycle completes, resulting in a 28 second stun. If two precepts are included (proboscis and trample), this results in the AI of the charger being land locked in a stand-still state until it's shot dead or the maggots burst.

Bonus Bug: If Helminth is standing on a non-map object and shrinks, the helminth charger starts to float in mid air as it "shrinks" upward. This position does not reset, and causes the AI to break. AI will continue to charge people like normal, but hitbox floats, resulting in permanently unable to hit people because floating.

Bonus Bonus Bug: Strain Fever does not increase movement speed like a model increase should, resulting in mismatching walking speed disproportionate with its legs.

Reoccurs: Charger is standing on any non-flat surface for entire duration while cyst growth cycle starts and completes

Reoccurs: Charger is standing on any flat surface for entire duration while cyst growth cycle starts and completes, 20% of the time

Reoccurs: Charger is killed while large during lag spike. Cysts pop, model shrinks, hitbox remains large

Recommended fix: I have no idea. The helminth charger model also acts really funny while trying to walk up or down stairs, remaining straight. There's an AI lock somewhere. This might incidentally fix some ai problems as well with the helminth charger ignoring people until the "timer" on the ai refreshes and they use trample or proboscis again.


3): Nidus 1, 2 and 3 model no longer uses energy color.

Details: Since last patch, Nidus' 1, 2 and 3 no longer use their energy color models fully. 1 will have half of the models created default to bubblegum pink, 2 will cause mass of infested overgrowth remain bright red (for some reason), 3 will cause energy color to default to bright red.



Reoccurs: Always now. Error on 2 existed since launch, but it wasn't until now that 1 and 3 are affected with new patch.

Recommended fix: I imagine it'd be simple to go into the model, select the color, set it to "check warframe color" and be done with it on those models. Easy fix.


4): Helminth charger maggots do not use energy colors several seconds after hatching.

Details: Several seconds after the maggots hatch, the maggots suddenly turn bubblegum pink. There's no rhyme or reason to it, just abandon color scheme.

Reoccurs: 25% of time, every time.

Recommended fix: No idea. Not sure what's causing it.


5): Nidus 1 causes Helminth Charger's maggots to disappear

Details: It is understood that Nidus is not to receive special synergy with the helminth charger in this way, (by getting value by using 1 to burst pet's maggots), but Nidus 1 will cause the maggots to disappear entirely.

Reoccurs: Most of the time.

Recommended fix: No idea. Not sure what's causing it. Maybe miscode with how the pet's maggots are identified as and with what Nidus checks with


6): Warframe Cysts in general do not use energy colors, always use bubblegum pink

Details: This has always been like this since the disease was released, but since many of these fixes all involve having the same thing fixed on several models, now might be a perfect time to have the normal warframe cyst match energy color. It'd be a simple fashion statement that would trill numerous people and it'd be super easy to implement. F A S H I O N F R A M E.

Reoccurs: Always, all conditions

Recommended fix: Simply tweak the model. Boom, done. The same fix'd be shared with some of the other bugs above. Additionally, could we have a way to readd cysts to our warframe? That also seems like an easy fix and we'd love you all to death!







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Thank you for this post. These bugs are far more than just cosmetic: if you are relying on hunter recovery then it's life and death. 

With the strain set active my charger gives my life every few minutes instead of every few seconds. 

I thought the AI was broken until I read your post, took off the strain set, and saw that the companion lifesteal link works perfectly. It's the strain set that's breaking the AI.

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