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First of all, a massive thanks to DE for this extra little surprise in the inbox when I logged in tonight! 
Just thought I should let it be known that a few of these new prime noggles have been missed, at least on my account. 
As far as I can tell, I should have 1 prime Noggle for each of the Prime WF GLYPHS that I have, since you could only get those by buying te mentioned packs.
I received 14 P Noggles, and am missing 6 out of my total 20 Prime Glyphs. 
Imgur Link included. 
Apologies DE, but thought I should let people know! Perhaps some are missing in general or perhaps different things got missed for different people.

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Volt, Mag, Frost, Ember, Nova and Mesa are all missing from my current set, even though the glyphs are there as proof of purchase.

Trinity and Nyx are missing too but I haveny bought either of those in any way with irl money so I cannot confirm or deny if they're in the game yet.

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