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  1. Im guessing it is because the unbuilt reactor you are trying to infuse with has maxed stats
  2. Check their Trello, they are aware of this and it is under Popular Feedback on their trello page meaning they have acknowledged it and will most likely change something about it
  3. nah, i keep being told there is a hotfix available as well but every time I restart the game there is no update
  4. A Single Silver forma is a crappy reward, which is why I want this change, have silver forma become a 2x or 3x forma bundle that we can craft at the same time as normal forma would make it feel more worth taking, even if they were to make the bundle take longer to craft, it would still increase the production rate of forma overall
  5. I was thinking the other day, in relics there are common, uncommon, and rare rewards. Forma can either be a common or uncommon reward depending on the relic but there is no difference between the 2 rarities and I think that you could afford to change it simply by keeping common as a single reward, and turn the uncommon forma reward into a 2x or 3x forma bundle that is a separate blueprint from a single forma so that we can craft multiple forma at a time. I get that forma/forma bundles is one of the ways that DE makes a lot of money, but I still don't think this would change a crazy lot becau
  6. Type: In-Game Description: Arc Silver (Veil Proxima, Corpus RJ Defense) does not complete visual: n/a Reproduction: finish the mission, extract at 5 waves, and return to dry dock Expected Result: The mission will no longer be blinking and I can access the other missions Observed Result: The mission was still blinking and the other nodes are not accessible past that Reproduction rate: 2/2
  7. Can we get the ability to assign our crew members "secondary" roles that they do if they can't do the primary one. For example, I have a crew member with Primary being pilot, and secondary being Gunner. When I take the pilot seat they go straight to gunner without needing me to tell them because their primary is unusable, they go to the secondary which is gunner
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