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  1. They are not gonna change melee rivens until melee 3.0
  2. I was trying to make more progress on building something in my Dojo and when i contributed more today everything turned invisible with sometimes small blue spots. Picture in spoiler
  3. Is the color pallet from this event being 70p intentional?
  4. Why cant you leave Rhino Prime vaulted for longer? how is his price supposed to go up if you keep unvaulting him. Not to mention there are a few other frames i wanna see get unvaulted for the accessories that I have yet to see like Valkyr
  5. I hear people mentioning the Prova Vandal being missing but where is the Orokin Catalyst that TennoCon Baro is supposed to have? According to the Wiki he sold it once and I believe he had it last year as well
  6. If you read it all it says only cases of EXTREME abuse are temp banned, I once used an exploit in Fartnite for just my win of the season but didn't use it more than that because I don't wanna abuse it at all and wanna earn my XP legit. People who got the cases of extreme abuse are probably those who went for high score not legitly possible and went for way more than they needed. People who got Perm banned are those who have exploited or committed suspicious behavior in the past and more than once so they probably also had a warning but continued to ignore them so I say the perm ban is OK and the temp ban is also ok. The fact you are complaining about this makes me THINK that either you or a friend were banned from this
  7. While that may be so, I think that Banshee or Nova are the frames that can cause negative damage but I am not certain as I don't look into that, but that could be what caused it to be counted as an illicit score. Getting 33k points legit is pretty hard as I went in for just 10k with a friend and by the time we left (1hr 7m this took) the enemies were level 200+ and we could just barely kill the demolyts. When playing with Randoms the chances you run into an exploiter do exist, but if you are in a pre-made group then you must have brought an exploiter on willingly knowing or the exploiter never said they were an exploiter.
  8. this is intentional and if you go back to the update 25 update notes they give a reason why now
  9. Ever hear of time zone difference. It is only 6pm for them plus if they wait overnight they can get more feedback and fix more bugs at once
  10. If this includes the warframe as well, it will make so many happy
  11. Was this one of the Sprawls from the 6 anniversary weekend?
  12. Now can we get someone to look at the incraments we get rewards at? 10 min or 10 waves is just to long for just 1 A reward and 30 min or 30 waves for 1 A, 1 B, and only 1 C reward? Excavation missions can get rewards much faster as well so what point is there to doing surv, defection, or defense if excavation can get 1 reward about 4 min faster than a Surv, defense, or defection
  13. She did say you need to restart your game to update it
  14. It was actually intended for Sparring weapons I believe
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