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  1. Ever hear of time zone difference. It is only 6pm for them plus if they wait overnight they can get more feedback and fix more bugs at once
  2. If this includes the warframe as well, it will make so many happy
  3. Was this one of the Sprawls from the 6 anniversary weekend?
  4. Now can we get someone to look at the incraments we get rewards at? 10 min or 10 waves is just to long for just 1 A reward and 30 min or 30 waves for 1 A, 1 B, and only 1 C reward? Excavation missions can get rewards much faster as well so what point is there to doing surv, defection, or defense if excavation can get 1 reward about 4 min faster than a Surv, defense, or defection
  5. She did say you need to restart your game to update it
  6. It was actually intended for Sparring weapons I believe
  7. This was a different bug that is still being worked on to my knowledge where the doors won't open except SOMETIMES for the host. They say they fixed it for Grineer tilesets but not for Corups yet
  8. That is pretty much exactly what I am saying. Explaining stuff is something I am horrible at
  9. I will accidentally break a window but after I hack it it just remains open but the damage stops, the alarm stops, and the hacking console is no longer yellow
  10. Are you sure the UI was wrong and not the increment in which we get rewards? 😛 I personally think we should get rewards per 5 waves, 5 min, etc. Excavation is fine (probably why everyone does the Excavation Arbitrations because you can get rewards so much faster)
  11. also serious question.... are you planning to have a cross-platform system in the future or are other builds to far behind for that to be a possibility?
  12. correction. 6 x 1000 plat and 2 x Mesa Prime access. 3 x 1000 and 1 mesa prime access on both Mixer and Twitch
  13. i didnt either but not much we can do about it
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