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  1. I dont think this is a good change. When we max Intrinsics we should be able to continue to earn more for the future Command insintric but with this change we no longer can
  2. Someone pointed this out to me and we noticed that crafting a single cipher takes Ferrite and Salvage but the 10x takes ferrite and Nano Spores Shouldnt it be Ferrite, the same as the regular recipe Images Below in Spoiler
  3. Because the survival missions are not on the right tileset
  4. You give us 6 forma if we logged in and did all 3 forma alerts when the rework went out. Now, every melee had gotten changed meaning people had to redo builds so that might take all 6 forma if not more then you add in Kuva Weapons that have the same mechanic as the paracesis. To get max mastery xp with them we gotta invest 5 forma and you added a total of 13 new Kuva weapons so that is 65 forma. Assuming that we can log on every day and start crafting a Forma (which I and many others probably cant) that would take over 2 months of logging in, crafting a Forma, or in my case getting a BP first, and then staying or logging out. Something needs to change about this because unless we get plat and use it on a crap ton of Forma bundles it will take too long. Please either do something about the 5 forma mechanic, (more preferably) let us craft more than 1 of the same item at a time, or just come up with something new for this but at the current level it is just to long of a time to pretty much craft all the forma. I personally also need forma for other things like clan weapons or finishing builds but I would have to choose one or the other because of this mechanic.
  5. They are not gonna change melee rivens until melee 3.0
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