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  1. Idea for a chroma augment Exilus: yes What it does: it allows for self damage on Chroma and gives you 10% Power Strength (or nothing, just the allow self damage is important) Why?: With the Introduction of Self-Stagger, Chroma got nerfed indirectly and this augment mod will allow for self damage on chroma and if it was 10% power strength it could be a weaker alternative to Power Drift (15% power strength for the few who don't know). I think an augment like this would make many in the player base happy and some might care but at least its optional. This also follows the theme of the latest round of augments which disabled something (in this mods case it would disable self-stagger) and grant some bonus.
  2. I don't think they will do that. They probably still want some mystery elements to the liches and also what point would there be in lich trading if you could just keep rolling a lich until you get the ephemera.
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