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Shield Flux


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24 minutes ago, Papa-Kilo said:

You start draining the shield for energy and that infinite shield supply would drop pretty quick. It would be like using quick thinking to get infinite health. even on a high energy build you'll still run out.


Health is a fairly limited resource, even with all the ways to prevent losing it and there aren't that many healers.

Shields, however, are replenished by mods, by Companion abilities, pizzas, drone specters, allies you find in missions, etc. Energy is not remotely the same level of concern for DE as Stamina was, to the point Stamina was removed entirely from the game.

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Strong point, but they could always lower the efficiency of the transfer. Have it like rage and only be 40% efficient.Or perhaps they should just put in mods that allow you to swap max shields for max health or energy. Much like you can swap efficiency for strength.


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