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LOGIN FAILED......is this a soft ban?


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Okay.....for about 3 years now I have gotten this message on the XB1. When it happens, I am not able to get into the game. As of recent, I will be able to get into the game once every 4-5 days. The funny thing is....my son is on the SAME Xbox, Router, etc....and he gets on with no issue.

I have sent tickets, asked in Streams, and done bug reports....and yet it remains. A friend said that I have gotten soft banned....and I wondered if this is true. Is this happening to others in XB1 as I know it does not effect my SWITCH account? I know PCers got a taste of this the other day....and from what I heard, they did not like it. Now imagine doing this for 3 years.

I just wanna do some Ninja flips into Space Magics into weapon use into Fashion Frame into DOJO visits into help newer players into find some Ayatan....

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