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Squad Window Covers Chat Window


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As per title, it's hard to nigh impossible to keep tabs on both squad health/shields AND see the chat at the same time, a simple idea would be either to move these two elements apart or give the players options to customize their UI placement.

That is all, thanks :)

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So because the issue has been brought up many times he's wrong for saying it again . Until its fixed I don't care if its posted a 1000 more times cause it seems like a pretty simple fix to me to make a movable chat box lockable at a desired spot that should not be where it is in the 1st place. Having to move the chat box every damn mission while you zone in and your squad sprints off without you is beyond pathetic.


Instead of slapping someone who is trying to address an issue that many seem to want fixed place the blame where it should go on the Dev's who have not addressed it then the post would stop problem solved.

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