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  1. Hopefully it will improve overall connection quality. 😅
  2. Please give wall-running back so we can do that. 😭
  3. WOW. Only helpful comments so far... I guess I deserve buyer's remorse huh.
  4. So I had already obtained all available riven slots quota of 90 (all in use) and today I have just received 3 riven mod slots and 3 rifle riven mods as login reward but only got the mods which is now at 93/90 in my inventory without the additional slots. Will I get any compensation for the unobtainable +3 riven mod slots?
  5. I've swept this whole room through and through, pinged the whole area with scanner, and they placed this outside the map huh? well played, well played. TvT
  6. We need "Parry with aim-weapon input" alongside the "Melee with fire-weapon input" because the inability to glide with melee ready and primary/secondary available is a LOSS OF CONSISTENT FUNCTIONALITY, not something achievable by habit adjustment. This inconsistency further causes trouble when I tried Hostile Merger (or any mission with carried item) without pistol equipped, glide maneuver will force primary weapon out and drop carried key. Having parry input will also serves to maintain melee combo consistency (no need to mash melee button to avoid switching to gun while using respective combos), supports certain parry mods; e.g. Guardian Derision, and re-enables glide-parrying. In my opinion, these are very very sensible trade-off to current "quick-draw without firing" input.
  7. As shown here, the camera can detect me from way too far and too wide angle in "rotating laser wall" spy vault (B/C) on Jupiter.
  8. Wisp is about to flip the bird in the first image. xD
  9. Weird bug, only happens to session host ever since the mainline melee auto-switch update.
  10. Just make each kill in the area speed up the process similar to the bounty. Time reward will encourage fighting, make squad actively balance their defense and offense.
  11. Please don't forget the transference delay which is the worst in this criteria.
  12. Tribal/organic/Sentient theme, no futuristic nor mechanical one then. Maybe I'll go for a bit of fleshy horror :3
  13. Any plan to do something about Ordis' lame jokes? None were funny the first time and only get worse and worse on my sanity. I hoped for a way to completely disable his comedian module without missing out on other useful info. I was so mad I missed the Chimera prologue and had to look up Wikia because of Ordis, by leaving The Sacrifice halfway to have Ordis stay in 'uncaring' state. (tbh, I prefer Ordis that way)
  14. Challenge failed..... Should've kept more junks. I hope we are permanently able to to equip all 4 Dragon keys and all 3 Apothics. 😄
  15. Err... I don't think the circular belt buckle should bend like that ._. That vintage look is not for me anyway.
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