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  1. This is not okay. I don't care about the tube in particular but adding expiration date to my permanent item is not acceptable.
  2. How can this bug be reproduced? joining any public or private game session What was happening before the issue started? things were fine until July 19th, been getting seconds of delay in every action in the game ever since. What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client? it was playable as solo and host but joining as client, excessive lag totally ruined the game
  3. This will make lives easier, no need to go deep into inventory menu or visiting Glast just to count them.
  4. Golden Instinct is too restricted to be of use. The way it works is quite intuitive to understand but: 1. its function is not guaranteed, my first deploy, it pointed right into solid ground (Uranus deep sea base) which I certainly cannot follow before it disappeared 2. when it works, guiding range is too strictly limited to be useful. I don't expect it to help skip searching altogether but this is like pointing 1 random direction when the targets could be in all directions 3. extremely elaborate acquisition process 4. takes up 1 ability slot 5. no other practical use beside very specific searches 6. moderate (base:50) energy requirement per each use 7. its short-lived appearance 8. cooldown timer (as if it has just made our lives too convenient?????) ...with all the restrictions, it is still "have a small chance to be barely useful" kind of deal Remove some of the excessive restrictions and/or make it passive activation to ACTUALLY HELP improve our search time at all.
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