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  1. Weird. Did you wait for it to finish lock-on?
  2. Agreed. I've had terrible experience from that platform.
  3. Yup, and you should, Paracyst damage is very lacking, it worth only as a support tool against high-level enemies.
  4. I find them pretty easy to avoid/outrun as long as I heard them first and they die instantly when rolled over.
  5. Paracyst harpoon secondary trigger is fun and the gun has high status chance. Unfortunately certain menacing enemies are immune to both.
  6. I vote for complete redesign of the progression flow. Having choices of missions to play is a good part but everything comes down to waiting for thralls to spawn and RNG dictating the grinds. Instead there should be more diverse, tactical and flexible options to earn progress. But not much can be done to make Liches less boring with only 2 voice banks and pitch shifts.
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