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  1. Try this spot. If no fish appear within a minute, something is wrong.
  2. Tactical map screen would lock up, control become unresponsive except chat and revive, lockup still persist after revive but got fixed when teammate finished the mission. Happened as client and solo, targeted a human crew and an npc crew. Camera still locked in Slingshot while Warframe was force-teleported to the objective, Tactical map parts of the UI were frozen in time (notice the Railjack shield is shown frozen while taking damage but currently being invulnerable during raiding phase, my HP shown as invulnerable but Warframe can take hits and die).
  3. I don't get any motion sickness except during my early VR days. You should try switching aiming mode to center on crosshair instead of cursor aiming (checkbox at bottom of Settings\Control). That way the ship and crosshair move at the same time unlike the default setting that makes ship turn AFTER crosshair cursor moved.
  4. Maybe needless perfectionism is the thing keeping you from having fun. Going in almost clueless is how I have been enjoying Warframe.
  5. Nobody notices Kubrodon Lure disappearance yet?
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