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  1. Any plan to fix vertical velocity accumulating while being stalled midair on small ledge?
  2. I'm pretty sure this weapon caused sudden suicide multiple times and I still don't understand how or why. Probably the maggot's glitch, I wasn't even throwing it. =_=;
  3. Above its head is a relatively safe zone to go melee in phase 3 bounty, not sure about the final phase.
  4. First time I thought it was coincident, the game froze before the mod image showed as pickup, long enough to make me think it would crash. Then it happened second time with this very same mod, in the same Kuva Fortress Disruption mission.
  5. Please fix "faster knock-down recovery" mod NOT working for clients.
  6. Being able to get Conclave standings without doing it is nice. I don't want to go where cheaters go devise exploits against other players.
  7. I sure hope so but we are not the majority and people are way too jealous.
  8. Hopefully it will improve overall connection quality. 😅
  9. Please give wall-running back so we can do that. 😭
  10. Wisp is about to flip the bird in the first image. xD
  11. Just make each kill in the area speed up the process similar to the bounty. Time reward will encourage fighting, make squad actively balance their defense and offense.
  12. Please don't forget the transference delay which is the worst in this criteria.
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