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Compromising Vauban rework.


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Quick compromising rework idea for Vauban with already existing mods in game that both attempts to keep with the overall batman (I got something in my belt for everything) theme. Was created in about 20 minutes and also takes into account the idea many people have floated around of a exalted turret, though with the compromise of an exalted sentinel instead.

-Passive stays the same.

-Change his first ability. Remove charges and make it duration based. Shocks up to 3 additional targets at 100 percent power strength and another target every added 25 power strength added after that. Lower power strength (as seen in Repelling Bastille builds) would reduce the number of targets shocked in the opposite way so 1 target loss per 25 power strength. This keeps a compromise between players calling for a change to Tesla AND insures the current mod Tesla Link has a purpose for low level content.

-Remove current second ability Minelayer. Instead give Vauban a exalted drone able to equip sentinel weapons that can also be modded differently then your current equipped sentinel allowing for interesting weapon/element combos. Has three stances (like Khoras Venari) with small auras effected by range mods. Heal per second, Energy per second, and Ammo restore per 20 seconds (not sure if the ammo should correspond to the current weapon type equipped or should be random, also the time between restores could be increased if DE thought it was too strong). With a re-spawn mechanic costing energy also like Venari and making the drone unable to equip Regen, Primed Regen, and Sacrifice as well as specific mods (such as Ammo Case from Carrier). When implemented like this DE wouldn't have to worry about each sentinel losing there specific niche/flavor if Vauban equipped one alongside the drone. This drone would help Vauban gain some small utility that both helps allies as well as himself and go along way towards keeping Vauban (well known for being a CC only frame) gain some kind of much needed self sustain in higher end content.

-Keep third ability as is and also therefore Repelling Bastille mod.

-Change fourth ability from a Vortex that drags in enemies to a small duration (a few seconds but still effected by Perpetual Vortex mod) Vortex on self that when active causes projectiles (looking at you bombard rockets) to arc around Vauban and back to the initial source. Also pushes enemies whiten so many meters (small radius) away (a small armor increase would also be beneficial if the duration is low enough though the duration would be chosen by DE and you could even make the mod in question give more armor while active thus increasing the chance someone would use it). This would give Vauban a small "oh snaps!" ability that also helps him in the survivability department that he lacks outside of CCing everything in eye-shot. Small knock-back could be used to push enemies close enough into a already existing Bastille or Tesla creating a small amount of synergy. 

Welcome all criticism. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area first time ever posting. 

P.S. Someone mentioned that all the things I listed on the exalted drone could be on a exalted turret, and I completely agree the idea of a untargetable exalted turret sounds great! I just think DE inst open to the area though. The turret (sentry gun) dropped by the Xiphos for example is level 30 and very VERY fragile thus I believe DE inst a fan of AI controlled damage outside sentinels and companions (and Excalibur Umbra). 


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First time ever posting and bad grammar.
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Sorry maybe the title isn't right I was referring to the mods really. Besides the fact that DE is pretty dead set against anything turret based I think (so compromise with the players with a drone instead?). Besides the change to the Perpetual Vortex mod I do not think theirs any other mod changes correct? Kinda trying to see if DE is willing to do something if mods are not touched (less work if there focusing on 1 or 2 ability's and "barrow" something like Khoras code for the drone). Also there probably not going to do an extensive change to his kit a single skill might get changed (please not another one like Tesla!) so throwing out multiple ideas in a single go might get 1 or 2 looked at. Thank you for the reply. 🙂 

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