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Rattleguts Needs More Base Accuracy


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I've built every fire rate version of this weapon and simply nothing works well. Don't get me wrong in a parse this weapon kills rather well however in real game performance the Accuracy of this weapon is a serious handicap.

You either go with Lovetap, compensate recoil but still get notably bullet deviation or you go Gibber with little recoil and very high bullet deviation.

Rabble makes just about no difference between these options due to the change in fire rate.

For anyone who might not know what I'm talking about. Faster Fire rate increases bullet deviation from the center of the cross-hair. Given a weapon like Rattleguts at set 20 Accuracy you will get less deviation with slower fire rate and much more with faster. It's a mechanic you can see fairly easily with spooling weapons.

The weapon should be around 25 Accuracy rating unless it's just intended to bullet spray. Maybe I'm spoiled by Akstiletto being the only accurate auto Secondary.

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