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  1. I've wanted them to work through Invisibility for a while now. Operator sounds great also, esp since a similar effect through Blood Sigil is already a thing. I'd made a side-note about graphical noise just cuz I have PTSD from recent Simulor / Staticor graphics but not worth more than a mention.
  2. Hey, just think. 1 or 2 more seasons and Excal Prime will be strong as Umbra then Founders can justify using him again. Only a lil over a year to revert that Veteran love. Personally I think the moment they made Umbra Forma they should have given 3 to all founders to avoid that problem.
  3. Ya know. In spite of DE always talking improving "The new Player Experience" I find early parts of the game are all they pay attention to. Put your best foot forward, sure. Yet It's a little more then that. You can even take the tilesets by comparisons. Earth Remastered, Plains remastered, Fortuna, Jupiter. Even Ceres a newer tileset was move from high level to lower level. Meanwhile Pluto and Sedna are the highest yet oldest tilsets. There's of course two exceptions. Kuva and Lua. Both 7 missions. Point being DE has been doing this for a long time and not strictly content but also graphically. There is no long term player development interest in the game and there certainly isn't any veteran prestige. The recent Nightwave rewards show that. Gamma Color set and Rift Sigil. Given away. Most content put in place at late game are bordering on gambling systems to keep players occupied with no content to fulfill that interest. I don't think that's going to change either. They want new players to be Wow'd by all the stuff the game has to offer but what a new player sees in that first month really is all the game has to offer because they keep their interest on the new player experience. What efforts they do make for late game are low interest. Arbitration, Sorties, Kuva Survival. All recycled content we already had.
  4. Soul Survivor was good for endurance runs. When you get high enough in level trying to revive someone can often end up in having to revive two players. Nekros obv himself is good for them but since Operators the augment has become a pointless mod since Operators can revive without putting your frame in harms way. Terrify could use some number tweaking. I don't think it's asking to much that if you build him Strength + Range that he be able to fully strip armor and with the augment slow enemies. The current base value of 20% makes that near impossible however. The rest is just band-aid augments. Nekros isn't the only one with that problem. I'm surprised no one has mentioned one of his bigger flaws that his Summon lists wipes if he dies making it very hard for him to recover from a death at higher levels.
  5. Ah great. Now I can't un-see a 7 Forma Kraken pic. Yea, I'm curious how DE plans to deal with modular weapons when it comes to Primes. They'll probably just keep using Rivens as a gimmick system. Kitguns will end up 0.55 near impossible to roll and players will clammer for the new Prime with 1.4 Disp not realizing that if they actually balanced the weapon like Tipedo or Nami Sky then it's just as difficult to get a competitive roll. I find it hard to bother rolling a Pistol riven because nothing can really beat Tombfinger as a straight semi-auto pistol. They just made it too good. Much of the time it works out for me but outside Catchmoon, kitguns are a lil hard to avoid using. I love they keep buffing Torrid and Zarr. People are like "It can kill lvl 100's fine" and I'm over here with Synapse like "It can kill six lvl 165 Napalms with one mag".
  6. It would have been fine to keep a combo that ragdolls but not every single hit of any attack. Let the player choose when they want a ragdoll or pull effect. I even dislike the new melee slam. It's awesome we can direct it's impact point but that's ruined by a huge Ragdoll radius which is esp bad for short reach weapons. I mean Dual swords like ~3m with Primed Reach and an 8m AoE slam Ragdoll? What nonsense is that? I swear if I put my tinfoil hat on it feels like they're trying to nerf melee DPS by having the player chase down the enemies. They already get heavily staggered with each strike. We don't need much more than that.
  7. The Ragdoll on Baruuk's 4th ability ruined the entire frame for me. I use him with normal melee and ignore his entire mechanic because it's more effective. He has 90% + 50% DR from the start which makes him very durable and the ragdoll CC needlessly annoying. His 10% base status actually wouldn't be that bad if they removed the Ragdoll since each strike in melee actually hits twice. Since Shattering Impact also works on the Waves that would be a viable option as well.
  8. I assume your source videos look fine? I use Vegas 13 so some things might differ esp since I have to convert 21:9 3440x1440p I use template MainConcept AVC/ACC > Scrolls to Internet HD 1080p > Customize Template. Once you have customize template open for 1080p uncheck allow source to adjust frame rate and set FPS to 60. Turn off variable Bit-rate set constrained Bitrate to 24,000,000. Number of reference frame 2 and pixel Ratio 1.000. Enable progressive download.
  9. Honestly I've hardly done Arbitrations. I bought the mods I wanted and the scaling was Linear which was discouraging. I'm also kinda done with all the Immune crap going around. I just don't even want to deal with it because it forces me to play certain frames. The revive mechanic still seems bad also. Like why did I max Arcanes if I can't get my revives out of them? Now that it scales faster I might give it a go.
  10. The horde of enemies is there but they can be mitigated in threat value compared to a boss so the player can Focus on those mechanics. In case of Shadow Stalker I've had to fight him right in the middle of a Kuva Flood Siphon quite a few times. Getting one on one is just optimal. The key difference is abilities like CC or Barrier effects aren't just ignored as part of the game. Nyx can Chaos and effectively turn that mosh pit into a one on one against Stalker. Chroma can survive damage from all sides but needs pay more attention after being dispelled. Mag and Volt can still use their Barriers to block other enemies while they focus on Stalker. Profit-Taker takes none of this into consideration. It's a horde of nonsense damage everywhere because players are flat out denied ability interaction. Believe me, I'd like less and more meaningful enemies like the Damage 1.0 days but I'm pretty sure I'm a minority in that interest. I think the path of least resistance here is for DE to stop this Immune mess and instead start to punish poor actions. If the player dies, it's their fault. Not because they didn't pick a specific frame.
  11. I'm not sure Profit-Taker is the best example to use against a mini-boss counter action concept. Profit-Taker is bad design and only has a Defensive mechanic. Everything else is just damage spam. It's the same concepts that have created the eHP + DPS meta we have today. CC / Invis just flat out don't work in that fight and wrongfully so. The fight isn't punishing wrong actions much as simply removing our total acceptable choices. Oddly I'd say Shadow Stalker has one of the better designs. He's easy as pie but that's also because you can dodge all his moves and he's impartial to the frame you're playing for the most part. He could be a little meaner but his design is decent. Personally I'd swap out his dispell for True damage, add a new ability or two, make him faster and call it a day. Even as a squishy invis frame with other enemies. He gives you warning much like the Hunter's I made. You have time to prepare. Saying it's too late is more a practical view based on DE's actions. They've back out of Damage 3.0 twice now and that's as important if not more than an ability rework. It's proven easier for them to just add new things than go back and fix old things. One tends to make more money than the other, so I get it. Kinda.
  12. It's a bit too late to do much about ability design at this point. Energy management as a source of controlling their use went out the window when the game became a horde shooter. What we can do is punish the wrong abilities being used at the wrong time but this requires more sophisticated AI like mini-bosses. Using ability damage on an enemy during an obvious power up moment; don't be surprised if they turn it back on you. CC an enemy at the wrong time; It suddenly gets a lot meaner. Trying to use a healing ability when you have an obvious debuff surrounding your character. Don't be surprised if it hurts you instead. Things like that can bring a little brain activity back into ability usage. I made a post a while ago based around this concept. The idea is a bit of a read to catch how the full system works but the TLTR of it is that players rely on each other to fill in gaps against certain mini-boss enemies they're weak again and each one can punish or counter certain ability usage. The post is here. You can scroll down to some of the boss concepts to get an idea of what I mean.
  13. I wouldn't mind a lil buff on Twin Grakatas. I'm happy to see more players have figured out the pellet mechanic on them. There was a time the community thought they were the best auto secondary ever. We kinda have a lack of good automatic secondaries. Soon as Akstiletto Prime came around they died instantly and they aren't without some charm just like Prisma Grikata. Sadly kitguns will probably dominate for a while. Modular weapons while fun; are a bad balance idea.
  14. I've had 3 separate times this intermission where a completed objective did not count on returning from the mission.. I play solo so I know there was no host / client issues and the completion award popped up in-mission. These were dailies however. There is an issue going on. To what extent I'm not sure.
  15. I don't. Ever. Just as I never go inside the bubble because at higher levels it's pretty much suicide. I don't even wana get started on combat with Nullifiers because I've seen the horrors they cause past Sorties levels. This post is more pointing out all the flaws in their design because the argument of their purpose or how to combat them has been covered a thousand times over. Yet despite the high volume of attention this enemy has gotten it remains inconsistent with cherry picked rule exceptions simply because DE didn't like a result. Put simply I want the rules laid out. A player shouldn't have to guess if something will work or not.
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