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  1. I mostly added the Napalm Vs Tech comparison to touch on that. Armor scaling wasn't this horrible thing players made it to be. Yes it caused weapons restrictions and damage type restrictions but I never personally saw that as a bad thing. The right tool for the job had always been an element of Warframe. Change Armor? Sure if it's done right but it wasn't. It's been done before from Damage 1.0 which in some sad was is still superior. ....back when we had to aim. They kinda just keep making it worse. Damage types have gotten very screwy over time. Using Corrosive against Grineer was at a time perfectly normal. It wasn't until DE started adding Armor to factions who had no business using Armor that things got stupid. DE caused the situation in the first place this whole thing has just been them fixing their own mistakes as usual.
  2. Because raw stats ie hard to kill is part of the concept "Difficulty". You can create all the coolest mechanic and tactics in the world for a game but if the enemy dies in 0.5 seconds it doesn't matter. At the same time you can push stats high as possible but without mechanics and tactics it also doesn't matter. Difficulty is a proper balance of mechanics/tactics and raw stats. Without both Difficulty cannot exist. Warframe does have some semblance of tactics to enemies. Most just don't see it because they die instantly. You used to have to push lvl 400 Solo just to see this. Now I don't even know how far. Even before a well designed group was impossible to challenge so what partially worked by dodging common content doesn't work at all now. At any rate the problem has always been enemy damage scaling. Damage scaling is what's caused all this immune, anti-CC, massive eHP gaps between frames, meta frame concepts, ect. Personally I noticed little difference in kill time between a lvl 400 Napalm and a lvl 400 Tech because their HP catches up to our damage output.
  3. Used to be and it was duration based. It also used to have much higher aggro. DE didn't like that so they dumped on it. They nerfed Saryn's Molt and Decoy around the same time and made the aggro very low. Recently they reverted the aggro on Molt but not Decoy. Saryn also used to be able to have more than one Molt at a time. DE makes these frames suck. Ember used to have that Mitigation buff and they took it away but now it's back again. It's all just tricks to make the majority move in their desired direction. Not the direction the player actually wants to play the game. I would say fun is a reason to do things. Once you're sitting on 100k plat and have nothing to do you quickly realize how little of that is actually in the game. From a game play perspective Arbitrations are simply less challenging and more limited meta Survival missions. Well they were before DE made nothing scale but before that, 2 hours in Arbitrations was like lvl 200 while it was lvl 400 in a normal Survival. You mention the AoE kill the map stuff power creep... Well that's what levels are for. Couldn't even guess how long it takes for enemies push back now. DE could have added a lvl 200-300 starting point mission and I'd probably still play the game but I'm done investing 3h+ just to test builds because everything else is a joke.
  4. Decoy is used often by good Loki players because when properly placed along with enemies having no weapons it can cause a handy distraction esp in Defense situations where players need to be close to a target they're protecting and ideally enemies shouldn't be. This value is amplified with Radiation status giving a window where enemies run towards the Decoy instead of players before the next Rad Disarm is thrown out. I use switch Teleport also. Mostly Solo. Not a lot but enough. A mixture of qualities is pointless. That's the point I was trying to make. This has had a very long term branding of "Oberon Syndrome" because for years he suffered from doing a lot; of nothing great. Specialization is just about gone from Warframe. You will get hit now because things see through Invis. You will get hit because CC has become unreliable both by nerfing CC frames and making too many enemies immune to abilities. eHP and Damage are the only reliable play styles these days. Just pick the biggest brick with the highest weapon ramp damage and you win 90% of Warframe and DE forced us into that. Play old Survival not this trash Arbitrations you'll see Banshee is still quite good if you're fast enough. It's Warframe that's gone in the wrong direction. I've always used every ability but Banshee's 4th now the game can't even scale high enough to challenge her damage amp anyways so I guess it doesn't matter either way. Everything feels strong when they neuter enemy scaling to child-like portions.
  5. For being a fan I've hardly seen her play either in a long time. Where as I had around 900 in-mission hours playing Nyx before her rework. Either way, Fan doesn't qualify knowing what's good for a frame's design as Nyx has pretty much been made pointless. Volt and they hardly touched him thankfully. What else? Most frame updates haven't been good for anyone who liked the way Warframe used to be played which leads into your next statement about Vauban. I could easily hold teams together single handedly with his CC long as we picked a room and stuck with it. Now what's he good for? Seriously, what is that frame good at which I can't just pick another frame and do better? Used to be CC much like Nyx. Not anymore. Loki is the last surviving CC frame in this eHP + DPS, hold left click speed runner game. Warframe as a game has just streamlined itself into dull where effort is not rewarded not required. All frames look the same to me these days. "Thematic Damage skill" "Thematic Mitigation / Avoidance Skill" "Thematic crappy CC Skill" They're all the same formula because DE has destroyed most play styles like stealth and when you can actually build specialized team comps this game has no hope at all of entertaining it's players.
  6. Banshee's 4th ability was dead on arrival. Seriously people would just slot that skill for leveling her then never use it since a still Banshee is a dead one. Not sure why anyone wouldn't use her 1st ability. It's a very useful part of her kit when the stun duration of Silence is in question. Besides updating frames doesn't really help them half the time. Chroma, Nyx and Vauban have been worse off for it. You think DE isn't going to rip Sonar apart if you give them the chance? All those years of people asking for a Chroma rework. Well ya got it? 1/2 the eHP and pretty much nothing anyone asked for.
  7. Auto-Run has been a requested feature since 2013. DE Steve even mentioned it on a Tweet like 3 years ago. Never happened. Long ago they made a semi-valid argument before Parkour 2.0 when the game was far more difficult and positioning was more important. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. I've always been highly against Corpus having Armor values but Shockwave Moas are an ancient relic of the game when movement was not trivial. I guess it is time for a more speedy stomp. I don't think they need anything super special. Just speed up the animation and spread speed. Originally Shockwave Moas didn't shoot much so they could sneak up behind you.
  9. Have you seriously ever used a mod for it's set bonus outside exploiting exalted weapons? I'm thinking no because in Warframe's case that set bonus binary choice is No. As I mentioned the choice is always Yes or No. Not well, this would be good for this situation but not this one or I want to try this setup instead of the set bonus. It's flat out go for the set bonus always or never. You will probably never know then. The difference between weapons isn't challenged anymore. You'll never see just how grossly some weapons and frames out perform others because the game no longer pushes it's players so they no longer have to learn and maximize their play options. Still... They exist. ...and that's not the purpose of an Alternate Advancement systems which I thought I made clear. The point is you CANNOT finish them. Being able to do so in itself is a failure in design. The good stuff is easy to get then it takes longer and longer to get a little bit more. That's how you keep the hardcore players busy while also giving the casuals something to do and not miss out on much. It's really basic design and DE failed. Twice. I finished Focus 2.0 the moment it came out since I already had enough points to max everything. Does that sound like an alternate advancement system to you or just another grind into a dead end like most things in this game? That's why I hardly play anymore. Whatever you grind for now I'll get x10 easier later on. No point.
  10. It's not meta, It's a pigeon hole. Perhaps it can turn into a meta because the choices become limited but it's not a meta itself. It's a simple binary choice. Is the set bonus worth it or not. Simple as that. In majority of cases in video games the set bonus is worth it which is why it's a commonly know pigeon hole tactic. It's a way to control player builds and gearing by making the bonus so obscene they can't ignore it's perks and thus play the way the Devs want them to which is easier to balance and control. ie, PvP Set, Raid Set, DPS Set, Healing Set, ect. DE does this too by simply deleting out play options. Stealth? Raids? CC? *Poof*. You missed the point about modular items. A Polearm Zaw was the best Polearm. A Machete Zaw was the best Machete, A Dagger Zaw was the best dagger. Same applies to Kitguns, In each gun type they were the best option. Semi-Auto Tombfinger Full-Auto, Rattleguts, Gaze was the best secondary Beam and so on. I also didn't miss the part about a particular Dev saying something. Lets just say there's been questionable information said by them in the past. I've played this game long enough and know enough about it's mechanics to not just simply accept information as truth when I've tested and experienced otherwise. Similar to what the other player said, I doubt Devs even had Eidolons on their minds with Focus 1.0 and they turned it into an Operator dump bin with Focus 2.0. It's has never been what we were promised. You can scour way back and find Steve saying something along the lines of "It's progression for players to do once they've maxed out everything". - Sure long as you don't also max that out. It's never been a proper Alternate Advancement system which by nature don't end; They soft cap.
  11. I don't think modular was a very good idea. Sure it's fun but it also causes a lot of problems when players can customize items like that. Esp with the poor system mechanics Warframe has. When Zaws came out they were the best choice of their weapon type outside the few with bad stances. Kitgns were much the same. Changing one stat, sure. Not a big deal. Making all the stats through is unwise. Also what you suggest is kinda like having set bonuses. I personally hate them. Games like WoW and Diablo gave me a complex with set gear. The bonus is very binary. It's either too good to ignore and never worth bothering. Also not buying any of their excuses with Focus 2.0. They changed it to Edolon kid fighting progression on purpose and they know it.
  12. Yea, I made a fairly detailed post about her Mirror not blocking radial damage correctly when she came out.... That was quite a long time ago so good luck. BTW it's not exactly a problem with her mirror but a problem with how they've coded radial damage on many enemies. Some they've fixed over time like Bombards and Raptor missiles but many they haven't like Napalms, Nox, Lancer Jetpack barrage, Hyeka master firebombs. You can tell because terrain doesn't block these attacks either. But they've also shown they can code the barrier correctly as Volt's Shield blocks all of these in either mode. So yea. Half measures as usual...
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