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  1. Okay, I did some basic editing on that video comparison for kill times between Polearm Quick Attack and Stance Attacks. Added a timer for reference and re-did a test in order to make sure I show the number of hits for the Quick attack version. Again, stance used was Twirling Spire's Block Combo. Only three mods were used in this test. A Maxed Primed Pressure Point, a Riven with +%Damage and +%Atk Speed and Drifting Contact. That's it. No Elemental mods, no Condition Overload. Base Electric damage against Ferrite armor. A neutral damage modifier to produce the least variance possible without my finger falling off. The timer starts on the hit and ends when the model breaks. One accidental ground finisher was performed during the stance test. Sorry for the 21:9 aspect ratio. feel free to skip through. I probably should have increased the playback speed. Analysis: Quick Attack took exactly 2 minutes in kill time Quick Attack took exactly 502 hits and ended at 3.5x Combo 3.5x Combo begins at 405 hits. 97 Attacks were performed at 3.5x Stance Attack took exactly 2 minutes 13 seconds in kill time Stance Attack took exactly 301 hits and ended at 3.0x Combo Stance Attack took 201 less hits to kill the target. Conclusion: As I originally estimated Quick Attack is doing the same DPS as Twirling Spire's Block combo however it's hitting twice as fast. The difference of doing an additional 97 attacks at 3.5x apposed to 3.0x means the combo damage multiplier is what prevents it from showing exactly x2 speed difference via hits-to-kill. Any weapon making use of Condition Overload will receive benefits from faster attacks but more importantly Corrosive weapons will receive a tremendous performance boost using Quick Attack since Corrosive status functions as a direct counter to exponential Armor scaling. Every Corrosive Status is essentially doing +%eHP in damage so if no DPS is sacrificed. Faster is better. Twirling Spire was buffed from it's original modifiers and it obviously needs more. It doesn't really matter what build the Polearm is using Quick attack is either equal or considerably better. Especially if mobility is sacrificed.
  2. Ah, I see. Well there is a point. You'll figure it out. That or quit of boredom because this game will never require your attention otherwise. Defense missions can be the most teeth gritting missions in the game because the stakes are so high. They're boring beyond belief at lower levels but once you get quite a few waves in and you're risking the loss of all those Relics you opened and the rotation rewards; it's easily the highest risk in Warframe. The risk is the point. Fun is the reason.
  3. That concept doesn't really apply. It's an approach to warfare against passive behavior and it assumes finite numbers not endless ones. A Defense Mission is more a battle of attrition. Unless you can prevent enemies from shooting the objective period such a tactic will fail. If you're using Arbitrations or ESO as context then I can understand why you might think this but by wave 80 in a real Defense mission you're going to be dealing with 1 million health or more and they will get to shoot unless you use things like Limbo, Gara, CC, ect to prevent it. A few waves with a shot here and there the mission will be over.
  4. Use base Heat damage on Chromatic then use 90%x2 Corrosive. This will get you about 70% Corrosive proc weight depending if you use Primed Fever Strike or not. As Corrosive + Heat for Condition Overload. Heat is a decent CC as well and unlike Blast won't ruin head-shots which you'll enjoy with a Crit build. Doing this method will give you the same CO spoofing and free up a slot for Organ Shatter. The same tactic holds true for Gas since Gas damage is a product of your base damage and the amount of Toxic damage on the weapon so again you can go base Heat with Fever Strike + 60/60 Toxic or better yet Primed Fury or similar to pump out more total damage output.
  5. Xzorn

    Poor Boar Prime

    If I recall that was using Shotgun Spaz and +%Magazine size right? The original also had 5.0 fire rate. I would think that still works fundamentally and you can even save a mod slot with the base mag size increase. I'm attempting to appeal to multiple play styles with these tweaks. Give everyone's preferred build a boost.
  6. Xzorn

    who is Nora Night?

    She sounds like she's the DJ for one of those late night smooth Jazz radio stations. She's going to do horrible things like make us listen to Kenny G...
  7. Xzorn

    how to build a stat stick

    It did last I checked. I don't really use her 1st for damage much. It is +100 onto the base damage though which is 800. Still a some extra damage since most Gara's run 130% Power. I'm also not sure if it's before or after Power Strength. It "should" be before ie ( 800 + 100 ) * Power Strength. I run Covert Lethality on Gara anyways since it's the easiest way to deal with Crystallized armored enemies.
  8. The level range of perspective is common in Warframe. Ivara doesn't clear waves like some but she protects far better than many. After a point your objective in a Defense mission isn't to clear waves fast as you can. It's to keep that objective from getting shredded. That's where Ivara will stand out as a good Defensive frame. Ya know. When you actually have to Defend something.
  9. Xzorn

    how to build a stat stick

    Certain specialized mods will work making some stat sticks better than others. Last I checked Riven stats also applied. Ideally Ceramic Dagger using Covert Lethality and a Riven would be a prime stat stick for Gara, esp given her passive.
  10. Xzorn

    Best Designed Stance?

    Carving Mantis, Cyclone Kraken, Swooping Falcon, Atlantis Vulcan, Astral Twilight, Tempo Royal, Blind Justice, Defiled Snapdragon.
  11. Xzorn

    Zenith best warframe primary?

    Game isn't that simple. There isn't a best anything in general. Only a best for the task at hand. Trying to rate weapons is a foolish endeavor.
  12. Xzorn

    Volt: Armor

    Volt with QT has more eHP than Volt with Vitality and Redirection combined. I'd suggest starting with that. More Armor isn't really going to help. I've had QT save me against lvl 250 MOT enemies and that's all your can really ask for. Armor doesn't really do much on it's own in this game.
  13. Xzorn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    I think either they're pretending or don't realize that's the point of Rivens and the Disposition system. Gram Prime is a shining example. If you look back at old Prime upgrades before the Riven system like Soma Prime vs Now. It's pretty obvious what's going on. The genius of the whole thing is convincing players to put time and effort into something they don't need. Even by most player's own claims of "Normal content". Meanwhile the weapons that scale very well for levels where those extra stats are needed just keep getting increased Disposition. It's funny to watch.
  14. Xzorn

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    Baruuk Vs Wukong 4th doesn't matter. Neither are worth using either way. Least Wukong's entire mechanic isn't based on his 4th. I got a sneak peak at the Wukong rework btw...
  15. Xzorn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.15

    These lil bastards need more tweaks. Also their users. They have unlimited range due to the spawning relocation script. Their users hardly ever shoot, they run a room away to deploy their pads and hide out of sight. This is a Sniper / Support unit that doesn't really work together. He's more like a spawning pit. Vallis version does a lot better job and honestly I'd rather fight a Hyena.