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  1. Yes, plenty of times myself. All the DR abilities have a cap for that reason. Armor was previously horrible DR so frames like Chroma don't. Even back when Chroma's Vex was multiplicative it wasn't very good defense. Puncture would just eat through it or a nasty bleed proc. Nova was actually more durable than Chroma after they reworked him and that was without using her Slow. For a long time Trinity's Blessing stacked which was esp dumb and hopefully a bug. Not sure if it still does but my boy Summit - Banned for Photoshop Did a 4-man Trinity T4 to lvl 1,000 on MoT and no one could
  2. There's an old video in my profile of me doing lvl 300 Kuva on Rhino 0 lives used before all the scaling nerfs and recent power creep. Solo endurance runs are pretty much all I did in this game for fun. The rest was just grinding to use new stuff in those endurance runs. DR tanks can break 1 billion last I did the math. Trinity could hit 200k on her own. Add in Gara + Ancient Healer + Adaptation (assumed 90%) and that's 200million with only two players. Think it can't go higher with another 2 players? Esp if Blessing still stacks for some reason. If it does then just ad
  3. It's not but it was also taken too far. Least IMO. Having each ability linked by stat as an additional layer to what you mentioned for example. This removed a lot of specialization features that are still possible on old frame designs. Majority of builds come out looking pretty similar with some slight emphasis on Range or Power or Duration. Nothing drastic though which kinda leads to a questionable purpose for mods as a whole when the margin of difference becomes so small. I could have shown you 7 different Nyx builds before her rework. Now, maybe 3? Majority of the new frames are about
  4. Yea, very true. They also didn't have "synergy" as DE wants to call it where you're forced to use skills together to make them useful. They just had good skills. Generally one being a dud but whatever. DE has to keep players busy with a mini game on their skills now because the actual game isn't engaging enough. I wonder if most the community is still unaware teams can break billions of eHP and face tank 9,999 heavy unites. Steel Path? Why? The game was technically over once we could sustain against max level enemies. I feel like that mode was just added so newer players could feel
  5. Adaptation was one of the most dumb broken mods they ever added to this game that served no purpose other than to further solidify the eHP + DPS meta. You're not supposed to occasionally get hit by a damage type with that mod. You're supposed to purposely soak up damage so your sustain can keep up. Burst damage is what kills in this game. Always has. Take hits on purpose. Face Tank. No problems. If you're trying to put it on a frame that doesn't already have 40k+ minimum eHP then that's your fault. I did Solo endurance runs for years in this game. The actual big reveal here is majo
  6. How is being a new player bad? A new player can get everything I have worked for in the past 8 years and NOT spend 8 years. If you happen to join around 2017 then you just hit the sweet spot of DE trying to facilitate to a new audience by handing out free stuff more than normal. The focus of the grind has changed but it's not much different by proportions. It used to take forever to max mods like Serration back in 2013. I still remember grinding the starter planet Mercury for 2 days to get the Vitality mod in order to progress through the game. You needed those levels to play where
  7. Like I mentioned. That's because DE decided to make every status stack. Even Blast which is esp comical to me in concept. Before you needed minimal Viral, Blast, Cold, Radiation, Toxic procs with Electric being a choice of one proc CC and multi proc AoE. They screwed the entire system up so weapons need decent amounts of both stats when before they didn't. It's really that simple. The original Damage 2.0 system had one major flaw originally but got worse as DE tried band-aids to keep players engaged at low levels so they never saw it working properly. When I used to do Solo runs
  8. If everyone is using the same damage types all the time, I'd say it's not. It's exactly what OP claims. There's no variety. I found good reason to use everything but Magnetic before. Not just use but optimal to use. Full Crit, Full Status or Hybrid. Just because statuses are better doesn't mean the system is better.
  9. Did they break the game more than I've read? I found minimal status to be fine against Infested and Corpus. Status could works well against Corpus ie Gas but it's wasn't required and from what I read Gas isn't very good anymore. The only time status was required is against Grineer / Void when you had no Armor strip. Come to think of it, yea they probably did screw it up even more than I thought. One instance being Viral going from a single proc to multi-proc status. The idea is bad but I kinda understand where the conditions are coming from. It's simply that DE screwed up the damage syste
  10. It's a common misconception that Armor is a problem at higher levels. Even before the Armor scaling was nerfed. Armor is essentially either never a problem or always a problem depending how you approach it. In the old system Corrosive would do %eHP damage per proc. Higher the Armor value bigger the eHP hit. You'd have to start jumping 100's of levels to get 1 proc of difference before the Armored enemy would red-line and you really only needed 2/3 of those procs before they'd go down anyways. The new system is similar but less impactful and limited to the original Armor value. A
  11. Did they ever fix multiplicative double dipping into DoTs? ie Bane mods and Rhino's Roar. Those were a laugh. In Damage 1.0 Puncture Damage was the undisputed best. In Damage 2.0 it's Slash Status. It will be something else next time. Fact is DE can't balance. In the 7 years I played this game they've never been remotely close. I'd like to say something like 3rd time the charm but they didn't get that right either and actually made things worse IMO for anyone who liked to pay attention and not sit in a mission for 5h+. This just isn't the game for semi-balanced play, difficulty/
  12. There are a few things needed to explain Warframe feedback and why the Devs run circles. Warframe never had a defined Goal - There's never been any standard way or interest in how to play Warframe. At first this was actually a good thing. People play how they want but over time it's derailed due to a lack of fixing design flaws in the game, progression, balance and a few loud minorities that claim the game is played "this way" creating meta conditions in a game that technically didn't have them. Warframe never had a defined Audience - By this I mean the game attempts to cater to th
  13. Personally I always felt Channeling and the old Stamina system should have come together for a better melee experience. Having special melee functions tied to energy was a bad idea, always had been and the combo system never really fit either. It's just a hit counter. Stamina as a source of melee fuel could have made melee much more engaging. Having a self restoring resource would have opened doors to a lot more melee variety in attacks types, block types and weapon builds. Stamina would be the difference if you just want to mostly gun and drop a meaningful heavy attack once in a whi
  14. The funny part about this was those few weapons like Zarr for example could be survived by the meta DPS + eHP that DE created. Pretty much all the real tanky frames could survive eating their own self damage. When Lenz used to shoot sideways I caught myself a few times on a Trinity endurance run. Not even 1/3 her eHP. Maybe that's why they went for something non discriminating and annoying. Just dropping an Ancient Healer could make most frames survive.
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