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  1. Made up numbers. Excal Umbra has 2077 Armor with Arcane Guardian x2 and of course his Umbra mod bonuses which is 87.83% DR. Comparatively he has 8,780 eHP and 21,950 from the front auto-parry which is 94.95% DR before Adaptation. If you want to throw in QT he can reach a respectable 45,712 eHP from the front but only 18,290 eHP in other directions which is fairly low compared to other ideal melee frames. Rhino 120-200k, Trinity 189k, Nidus 100k, Nekros 70k, Chroma 66k. Baruuk and Gara also beat him though I don't have the numbers on hand. He has about the same eHP has Garuda but Garuda could use a melee with better parry DR. I just personally find that comparison funny. He's not squishy but calling him tanky shows the player has likely not seen actual tanky frames in action since all those frames mentioned minus Rhino also make use of Adaptation though it's not really a great option for Nekros as he usually won't get hit much thanks to pet aggro.
  2. This is the original concept I posted a while back you might be interested in. It's a bit of a read. Took about a week to do the artwork and formatting. It was placed in the forum graveyard area unfortunately then archived so I likely won't be putting more work into it. A little complex, very dynamic putting both difficulty in scaling and challenge of new enemy abilities + Hunters together while giving the player full control of how much they want the game to push back. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1074549-arbitrations-endless-missions-20-a-continued-passion-project-for-veteran-content/
  3. Too slow. It shot at you. You're likely dead now. Nullifiers are one of the major offenders of enemies who break as they scale. You simply must have Rad status, Chaos, Concuss mines or similar effects in place to completely distract them because their bubble does not drop fast enough from manual fire to kill them before they kill you and they will do it in one shot. You can mitigate the issue by jumping, rolling, line of sight, whatever but you cannot solve it without those specific things I mentioned. They will inevitably shoot you with that Eagle-eye Lanka. Having a massive damage enemy isn't the problem here. It's having only select non-skillful ways to counter it. Players often complain about Bombards and their homing rockets. Yes they're annoying but they're also still fair. I can kill a Bombard of any level without using abilities using a bow of all things. Can the same be said for Nullifiers? That's where proper enemy design comes into play. Our abilities fundamentally should be used to offset the horde aspect of dealing with many different enemy mechanics. If we need an ability just to deal with a single enemy then there's a problem I feel.
  4. Something I've seen in literally every video game I've played is that the more popular it gets; the less polite it gets. From what I can tell this is in part from catering to a more generalized group of gamers which just tend to be self interested or toxic. That attitude then spreads to the long term players who lose interest or become more toxic themselves. Then of course you have situations specific to DE where they've pretty much ignored and set aside their long term loyal fans in exchange for a broader audience which is understandably frustrating. If I do join a public game for some reason however. I do not talk unless someone talks to me. In part to using a keypad and team cooperation being needless. I do not ever look at region and in 6 years I've only accidentally spoken in it. I only look at trade for brief periods usually overpaying or undercharging to get back to the game. I personally have made myself immune to much of this simply by playing Solo majority of the time. I still give people things on the forums and in-game through conversation. I have actually never dealt with a toxic trade. Most likely due to being the seller? Around 1/3 of my friends list is from trades and the conversations that came from it. 3 members of my Clan I met through trading and give them my extra Arcane Energize / Grace from Nightwave well as boosters and other things like Imp Vandal sets because it's an awful farm. I don't respond to beggars. Never have but if I see someone putting their time into the game I don't mind helping out.
  5. Infested Ancient Disruptors. They reduce the effectiveness of CC abilities and dispell themselves + everything around them. Doesn't work for Ice Wave Impedance since it's producing the Cold status effect and not directly causing CC. Just reinforcing how it's especially strong against Infested since they counter most CC abilities.
  6. Which is of course fine. Players should not scale through infinity and I oppose abilities or mods that do this because it leaves no room for additional features, weapons and abilities. The measurements could use some work of course. Not just in pets but in players since we can now survive multiple lvl 9,999 Bombard rockets and kill them in one hit. Levels are just a measurement in the most basic form but there's things that ignore this entirely and that's just bad design.
  7. It's always been a problem with additive Crit chance and Blood Rush which is entirely on DE's side. The macro use is a somewhat grey area. I found myself doing a lot more slide attacks with polearms since the melee bumble 3.0 part 1 due to the loss of forward momentum. They don't seem to have the best grasp on melee tactics in videos games. ie Dual Swords with 2m Reach getting a 10m AoE Slam that leaves you chasing ragdolled enemies across the map.
  8. I'm personally more on the line of not having a Kavat try to suicide melee a lvl 200 Napalm. IMO all companions are just stat sticks and utility but Sentinels always win because I have control over them. Kavat's one good offense is their ability to scratch armor off enemies but would be nice if they tried to do it on your target.
  9. Ugh... Ice Wave Impedance is pretty good. I never understood why players used his Snow Globe Augment when you can manually eject enemies from the globe by re-casting and Ice Wave Augment prevents them from even getting that close. Ice Wave Impedance is esp strong against infested as CC since Disruptors cannot mitigate it's potency being an elemental status. Does his 2 require the augment to be good? Yea but he's hardly the only frame. I'd rather have Ice Wave Impedance and reduce damage intake by 50% for everyone than near useless armor though. If anything his 1st ability is probably the most useless. Outside breaking Globes there's no reason to use it over Ice Wave.
  10. Yea, that was just an excuse. DE has a lot of those. Long as a loot based frame exist; that's the option. Technically doesn't matter if it stacks or not. Removing stacking does further limit options however. If they wanted to actually fix the available options of frames in relation to loot they would have taken the statistics.of loot gains with 4x loot frames, 3x loot frames and such then normalized drop rates in the game based on that data. Increasing them and exchanging the loot abilities with something more useful to game play. In the end I think DE has already removed looting frames from the equation and even vacuum for the more valuable items in the game. Every new module / mission they've made those things do very little as you generally want fish parts, wisps, gems and rotation / boss drops. So to a veteran like myself they're already mostly dead abilities. I think that entire thing was more aimed at new / casual players who might actually buy a "Mod Booster". In the end I think majority of DE's attention is in the realm of non-veteran players so much as I want it I kinda doubt the game will ever be hard. It's becomes a game about grinding for items; not making use of those items.
  11. It's not really far fetched. It's obvious DE avoids high level scaling because they're aware of various things players can do. DE has been inattentive on what they've added to the game over the years so now there's a lot of combinations that can simply break their game where initially there was kinda just two. CC and Barriers. I would say overall allowing this has had a negative impact on the game. DE does not reward effort anymore. Doesn't matter if you're going hardcore with Banshee or half-afk with Octavia. Also doesn't matter the level you fight; everyone gets the same which is just about nothing. Sure you get an upgraded Relic for going hours in a fissure mission but at this point Relics are essentially Warframe litter. The rewarding things in Warframe these days are their module mini-games where they can attempt to meta limit player options but that's all this tactic really does. It doesn't make the game more difficult or more engaging. It just removes play options.
  12. Yea the gems give you good control over how you want the pets to act and reinforces that nature with some stat bonuses but the base AI itself is even just better like I mentioned where they simply go in the direction you're shooting. They will do that with no AI changing gems involved. They also disengage with a reasonable leash distance Meanwhile Nekros' pets just stay behind and Nyx's MC Teleports to you. I hadn't played in a while and noticed it on my Cobra Lash Assassin then again with a Golems Elementalist. I'm not a huge pet type player but it's pretty simple stuff that makes them function much better and most importantly puts them where you want them. Funny Path also did a melee rework, had it out in no time and it's decent. Warframe be like Melee 3.0 1year+. Since I've been back playing Path; DE just looks grandma slow by comparison.
  13. Lol yea, I've been borderline ranty lately. This kinda stuff just seems basic to me. I don't understand how things get turned upside down every time DE does something.
  14. There's this ground breaking pet AI in Path of Exile where the minion moves in the direction you shoot. Crazy right? It's so basic I can't even mention this without being sarcastic but yes companion AI is worthless. Besides prioritizing your target. We should be able to do other basic things like set them aggressive and passive. ...worst part is they can do this. Hunter's Command does it... Mostly. But a mod slot for something so basic? Pfft.
  15. Dynamic scaling in the hands of the players works decently. I made large mission concept a while back which used most of the things we already have in the game. Alert system from Vallis, Objectives from bounties, Environmental Hazards and specialize Hunters that would randomly spawn but only at 4-5 stars to produce dynamic and dangerous situations for players in addition to giving them some control over the scaling speed of enemies. The player can choose how hard they want to push and get a little more if they do. Problem right now is there are multiple techniques a group can do which doesn't involve cheesing that will level cap given the time. DR stacking is the simplest method. You can currently stack Blessing from three separate Trinity and Gara's 2nd ability along with an Ancient Healer which will give each of those Trinity players 300 million eHP and by comparison a lvl 9,999 Bombard rocket hits for 4 mil. That's pretty much Game Set. This is why in the concept I made Hunters would serve as a counter measure. At Tier 4 a soft counter and at Tier 5 a hard counter. Nothing quite so cheese as total immunity. It was more their abilities would affect certain play styles. One would dispell an area of objects and barriers (not buffs). One would become dramatically more dangerous if CC was used on them, one would use Kubrows with a charge attack in attempts to counter stealth and one did a %True Damage to hurt even the toughest frames. None of them were immune to effects, they more punished the player for using those effects Tier 5 being made for groups where a players will need the help of their team to stay alive. There's another Warframe difficulty thread going on where I mentioned enemy mechanics alone don't work and neither does scaling alone. We need to carefully use both. DE isn't careful when they add new mechanics. They have no consideration for the consequences when scaling kicks in and newer enemies often just break while still not really providing anything more than an annoyance in the lower level ranges. it just doesn't work without both concepts. Many of us do....
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