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  1. Used to be Primes were harder to get than the originals but that hasn't been the case for a very long time. Smash a boss 4-10 times and you have the normal version. Took an hour at most while Primes could take all day. Personally though I'd be more bothered about variable Riven disposition making normal versions better than Primes / Vandals / Wraiths. I can't wait to watch that bad idea crash and burn in the near future.
  2. The game's level cap is too low. Obv I don't mean that literally. It's the general discouraging nature DE now has towards letting players play how they want. Enemy level is just one of many. Stealth, CC, Support. These are pretty much dead ways to play the game at this point. If a player wants to fight lvl 400 enemies they have to invest 2+ hours. Until we can get reasonable difficulty and maybe if we're lucky some challenge within an hour; I'm not playing. Simple as that.
  3. I've found value in every status effect outside Magnetic, Puncture and Impact. Status Melee also wasn't carried by Condition Overload. It's quite easy to boost damage output in this game but not status. What destroyed status melee more than the Condition Overload nerf was removing the Elemental weapons. Their proc rates are now diluted with IPS effects that either do nothing in case of Puncture / Impact or need Crit to back them up like Slash. As example. Lacera was a good weapon using any number of frames with damage amps or stealth multipliers. It spewed Gas + Electric AoE or Striped armor easily while still maintaining competitive flat damage thanks to those damage amps. Doesn't work the other way around and that's what they destroyed when it comes to melee. Status has always won over Crit eventually outside Infested. That's been the case for years and only changed to due bad design decisions.
  4. @(PS4)Iron4EverRooster @EinheriarJudith I get it and Loki could use a little polish I agree but it's not worth the risk of getting DE in their current mindset to pay attention to him. It doesn't matter how good the ideas are or level minded the balance concepts; It will end poorly. I promise.
  5. I meant the draw strength multiplier affected by Power to put the Concentrated into Concentrated Arrow. If they wanted to get fancy they could add the ability to hold up to 5 seconds or so at the expense of extra energy but do bonus damage. Right now it's just a highly conditional Lenz with better radius. Concentrated gets the full status chance but I'm pretty sure normal Artemis suffers the same as Cernos Prime. Haven't checked in a long time but I'm betting on DE being just too lazy to make any exception for innate multishot weapons.
  6. Concentrated Arrow is decent though the requirements and results are a bit steep. I feel since the bow buff though that both versions of Artemis bow are a bit lacking. The normal version should be fairly simple. Just remove the shotgun mechanics and give each arrow it's own status chance. Maybe bring the base damage up a bit. Done. Easy. I mentioned a while back an easy way to improve Concentrated Arrow. Just give it Charge multipliers like normal bows have and allow it to be affected by Power Strength. Done, Easy. Personally I'd prefer Status chance on the AoE over Crit chance but then it would be better as Heat than Blast damage.
  7. Archmelee was never really comparable in the first place. I played Archwing a good amount before they screwed it all up. Back when you had to farm the weapons. That short road to farming the weapons was the only time I ever used melee. Only way to get Archmelee viable would probably be to do the opposite of what DE did to normal melee. ie more than double it's damage then add some type of defensive measure. Honestly though Archmelee doesn't even make sense outside piecing weapons. There's no weight and you'd have to use thrust to get any force behind a hit so you wouldn't just bounce off the target hence spears are the only thing that make any sense.
  8. Cata + Stasis has been flawed since Limbo's rework. I reported this interaction in 2017 and it's been reported by a few other players since. Good Luck.
  9. Oh dear god leave Loki alone. He's literally the only viable CC frame left in the game at this point. Just like all those players a while back asking for a Chroma rework. You do not want the results; I promise.
  10. There doesn't seem to be a very clear line on weapon Exlius mods. Some very much increase your damage potential. I could see things like "While Aim-Gliding do X" or Ammo Mutation being more ideal for Exilus but things like Stabilize, Increase Accuracy, Faster Projectiles and Holster Speed increase your damage output. Maybe not directly but they increase your potential damage for sure and there's no movement involved so... Eh.
  11. Yes, there's been a solution since 2014 before it became this much of a problem. To explain I'd have to tell a bit of a story. Back when Damage 2.0 came out tons of things changed. Enemy level scaling, Enemy damage scaling, Enemy weak points, combined status effects, Armor scaling, Interaction of damage types against Armor and health types. Armor added to enemy weak points, mod changes among a other things. Most of this was good outside head-armor but there was one glaring problem that was even brought up on an old Dev stream... Enemy Damage Scaling Since we were running around with 2-4k eHP but could still easily kill lvl 100+ enemies; Players resorted to mass CC lockdown methods in order to push those levels in the Void. Because Enemy damage scaling was never addressed; CC and invisibility were allowed to remain far too potent for years as result. DE's response over time for this was to change most multiplicative damage sources to additive while also increasing new frame eHP values but giving them fairly limited CC. This resulted is the massive eHP gap you see today between frames but I supposed that still wasn't enough so they added Nullifiers and other Area Denial enemies to further limit the potency of CC. Since enemy scaling never worked correctly Warframe never produced any end-game type content after The Void/Damage 2.0 Since the game never developed end-game content DE then resorted to Immunity for both abilities and status effects in order to create artificial difficulty by essentially ignoring the rules of their own game. Creating so many exceptions to the rule where at this point there kinda aren't any. So now many play methods are dead or in dire shape, frames are in constant need of reworks when they previously worked fine and it's a total eHP + DPS meta. All because DE never fixed that one problem so many years ago. TLTR: The Answer is Damage 3.0
  12. I think players see a huge number and go OMG Condition Overload is OP but don't account for the average probability of it's damage contribution. Exponential was too much for sure but stacking multiplicative should have worked out fine and even then that's only considering spoofing it with Zakti, Pox and similar methods. Serro got the least hit. It was of course still better before CO got nerfed. I had some crazy Riven Powered Serro tests from a while back. Lvl 165 Napalms in about 3 seconds. No stealth or spoofing. Now it doesn't get anywhere close to that but my -%Puncture Split Swords can still do it. I was always an advocate for the value of Elemental weapons which makes this hurt even more. I'd compare Blade-Whips often as the ideal exampled purpose behind each type of weapon since they had stats leading to specific purposes. Now Jat-Kusar just wins hands down and that's pretty boring.
  13. I assume that's not even counting the probability of having different simultaneous status effects active at the same time which makes it worse. Given 4 status effects equal chance of 25% on a fast weapon like 2.0 atk speed. 8 strikes within 4 seconds... what's that like 3% chance to have 4 independent results within 4 seconds not counting forced procs.
  14. I just find it interesting Unreal was made by Epic and DE and there's even knockoff versions of Unreal weapons in Warframe. Unreal was a masterpiece and I wonder where those people went during Warframe's development. Heh, Epic prolly lured them over. There were games with hit-scan enemies but they were generally made in a manner where it was ambient damage for leaving a trivial unit alive rather than profoundly injuring the player. Almost like a degen while more dangerous enemies hit you with the hard stuff that you could dodge. Too many of course and you'd have to use cover but cover doesn't work in Warfare. Literally. Try to hide behind a pillar against a Nox and it'll hit you through the wall. It's such shotty design even for basic interactions. Ideally hit-scan should not be used by enemies but there are some basic rules that can make it function reasonable. Warframe doesn't have those and it's made painfully obvious in large areas like Plains where Grineer tap you with shots from 1,000m away. Reminds me of the Chaingun guys in Doom2. They were so broken.
  15. Warframe - Tanks Play Free Stealth play was probably hit hardest when the Focus system came out. I recall counting 8 or 9 direct or indirect nerfs to stealth from DE trying to curve stealth farming Focus. As a result we've been left with pretty much non-function stealth without invisibility and even with invisibility it's becoming less of a viable option. Stealth was probably most viable as a play style in the Damage 1.0 days. Back then you couldn't turn off alarms once they were triggered and enemies were much more of a confrontation so there was a reasonable comparison between stealth and not tripping alarms or running through the mission guns blazing. Allowing players to turn off Alarms was probably the very first strike to stealth oh so very long ago.
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