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  1. Xzorn

    Cernos Prime with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors

    I've experienced numerous quirks with Hall of Mirrors on Mirage over the years. Most of them seem to relate to projectile weapons or special mechanics. When the clones throw Zenistar disc for instance they will not take on the effects of mods on the weapon. Say you have a Corrosive + Blast Zenistar the main one will be such but the disc thrown by the Clones will be Heat damage only. I've also had them shoot me with my own Ignis but that's not been much of an issue since the AoE of Ignis was reduced.
  2. Xzorn

    Oberon vs Trinity Prime

    Quick answer is that neither is a better support than the other because they have different methods. I'll try to throw out some perks to help you decide. Trinity Supplies 75% permanent mitigation and instant health / shield recovery. Supplies Energy recovery. One of, if not the tankiest frame in the game. Breaking 183,000 eHP base. Can passively 100% strip armor on 3 enemies at a time. Blessing mitigation stacks multiplicative with other damage reduction sources. Oberon Supplies CC in a large radius. Supplies Heal-over-time with an Armor buff. Can save all players from death every 90 seconds. Can actively strip enemies of 100% armor in a radius. Supplies extra team Radiation damage output adding to CC capacity. The team comp matters more on which will be useful and which is better Solo depends on the mission. Examples would be a team with Nyx doesn't need Oberon's CC at all while players with Arcane Energize / Zenurik don't need Trinity's Energy recovery.
  3. It's possible though not likely. I think DE got stung by the PoE twitch event with people multi-streaming and are low balling this one. I think I got a Khora alt helm and pretty much nothing but Credits and Glyphs from both releases of this event.
  4. Xzorn

    Why with Garuda's passive?

    Yea, it's not exactly a fault of the Shielding but this has been a thing with multiple shielding frames in the past. Frost still has this problem. I think it's the result of Napalm / Firebomb / Tar Mutalist being ground based AoE and not point of Impact AoE. That is their radial damage travels along the surface they struck rather than propagating from the impact itself. It's hard to know for sure but there's some similarities with the enemy abilities. Volt's Electric Shield is one that's 100% protection so I know they can make it work correctly. In case of Garuda's mirror one could argue it doesn't protect from ground impacts but direct hits also pass right through it.
  5. Xzorn

    Why with Garuda's passive?

    Garuda's passive is calculated independent of other damage buffs and multipliers which makes it VERY strong. One of the best passives in game really. Banshee has a 12x Sonar? Well it's 24x for Garuda. Rhino has that 200% Roar? 400% for Garuda and that one happens to double dip Bleeds so 800% Bleed damage. Whether or not she was made to play the way she does I can't say but she plays best at 2HP. Everything else is a means to gain energy. BTW her Shield doesn't block Napalm shots or Ignis. C'mon DE, we've been through this already with both Frost and Volt.
  6. Xzorn

    Exalted Blade Confusion

    Sacrificial Pressure, Sacrificial Steel, Condition Overload, Berserk, Primed Fever Strike, Shocking Touch, Organ Shatter, Drifting Contact. Use base Heat damage for Corrosive + Heat. You can also use base Toxic and swap Organ Shatter for Molten Strike which gives more Corrosive weight and Primed Fury is also an option in place of Organ Shatter giving the most DPS but requires macro use to benefit from. Of course also base Heat for a Gas build. Drifting Contact is a preference mod. I like the massive Slash Dash damage for gap closing and double status procs for going into melee. The damage output is unmatched. Doesn't matter how you mod Exalted blade if you're getting into melee it's better. The waves do no benefit from combo meter though they do benefit from Condition Overload. If you're playing at a level range where nothing stays alive long enough to go into melee than another mod might be ideal but a side bonus to Drifting Contact is you only need Umbra Intensify to hit 100% status. This also includes using a single 60/60 mod. I used to run Primed Fury and if you want to go full DPS turret mode then Primed Fury in place of Drifting Contact is the way to go. The Sacrificial set is better on pretty much every melee weapon that uses Blood Rush. Players try hard to fit the Frame Umbra mods but the real power is the melee set and they're easier to fit. EDIT: Build picks uploaded. https://imgur.com/tvgQ6nN Ughh... forum embedding.
  7. Xzorn

    Corinth build question

    These are the three main Corinth builds I use: https://imgur.com/CnI7UM0 Top is Primary Fire Vs Armor. Middle is Secondary Fire Vs Corpus, Bottom is Primary Fire Vs Infested though it can be changed to secondary fire as well. I like the Doom feel against Infested. Your Riven pretty much replaces Laser Sight on the Top build which is nice cuz I personally hate aiming a shotgun, it just feels wrong. It doesn't do a much for the secondary fire though. Corinth is a weird shotgun and I wish the stats on each firing method were a little closer in stats like Tiberon. You can't go wrong with Punch-Through on the Riven for Corinth as it helps both Primary and Secondary fire. Damage and multishot obviously but you also really kinda need that 100% crit on primary to eat through armor with Hunter's Munitions which of course your build seems to be set for Primary so Yes, use Hunter's.
  8. Primal Fury is 85% Impact weighted with no Slash weight which generally justifies more status. It lacks the range of EB along with melee range double hits. It lacks the swift hits of Hysteria's Slide and massive damage of ground finishers and it doesn't have auto-parry or immortality. Not that he needs it but the CC immunity is handy. The Exalted weapon falls between the other two and ends up kinda mediocre. He does at least have the ability to stun enemies like Valkyr to perform executes but otherwise I feel he struggles even more against armor. I think a nice 25% base status would help a lot and in general I hope the Exalted weapon stances get improved.
  9. Xzorn

    Which warframe?

    You don't really have to focus on one frame. In fact having moderately geared options over one maxed option is generally going to work out best for you. In terms of modding there's certain mods that just get used more than others like Vitality but if you're stuck in a decision limited by Forma or Orokin Reactors the choice is tricky. Frost Prime and Trinity Prime are the final form of those frames while Excal and Rhino have upgrade variants. Rhino is usually one I recommend to new players as he's strong starting and only gets stronger as you gear. He's simple and versatile. Trinity can require some heavy mods to really shine but does okay without them. Excal and Frost both do well with minimal modding but they also have a more defined roles and play style. You would think I'd say that for Trinity since it seems she's a straight up support but she can be made into a lot of things, including a beastly brawler she does lack CC however which all the other frames have in some respect. The safe choice is Trinity Prime or Frost Prime if you're talking about Forma use but it could also be a while before Rhino Prime comes back.
  10. Xzorn

    Idea for Shields

    I brought up a Shield health type change a while ago I think would work well. It's essentially a diluted revers Adaptation. Basically Shields have a mitigation value based on your current shield value. This decreases as shields falter or with each shot taken to shields until 50% of maximum shields where they no longer grant mitigation. The exactly damage reduction would require some tweaking since some frames make very good use of shields but the basic concept is that one-shots are heavily reduced though continuous damage intake will not be changed very much. I mean, if anything DE can make a reverse Adaptation mod and I'd use it. Starts at 90% lose 10% each time you're hit but gain a stack every 20s.
  11. I was sad for the scaling of his Iron Vault augment with Power Range. I really wanted to do some Pogo monkey slams. His 4th pretty much just needs more base status chance and I think it'll be fine. Would be cool if they add some quick transportation capacity to his Cloud Walker and maybe some low duration clones when he comes out. One thing for sure is that he's way too slow. He should have 1.2 Sprint speed at a minimum.
  12. Xzorn

    Frost is useless. I am done with him.

    When they nerfed Gara's 4th ability I made comments about Frost and his already immortal Snow Globe. DE actually responded about knowing and considering this in the future. I fear that immortal period won't last though I still feel they should have gone the other direction and made Snow Globe function more like it used to ie More like Gara's 4th. This is to allow a Frost player to actually play the game rather than pressing 3 every 4 seconds and trying to get a shot in when they can. There are already frames (lol not Vauban) who can make a Defense objective immortal. Zephyr and Limbo or a well played team with Nyx / Loki. Each has a weakness, including pre-nerf Gara and that's fine. It's more about allowing Frost to play while also doing his job well and unless you do the immortal window trick, Frost scales like trash. His abilities work well together but they don't scale well and this whole Frozen / Stone no-status effects thing needs to go as well.
  13. Xzorn

    Status or Crit heavy blade zaw?

    I built a Crit base Heavy Blade Zaw because of it's extra weapon reach it has decent value for an Infested mower. It's IPS weight makes it under perform as pretty much anything else compared to Gram Prime or Galantine Prime. It's mostly because a full damage build conflicts with a Bleed build when laying out forma.
  14. Negate excels with frames.like Mesa and Chroma who would otherwise die near instantly from Bleed procs. Since the procs don't happen very often the 5s CD works pretty well.
  15. Xzorn

    Why does no one play conclave

    Because I take my PvP seriously. I'll tolerate a wide spectrum of unbalanced problems in a PvE game. I will not in PvP. Conclave has also gained a poor reputation from the past. Players were forced to fight to get mods putting them at a notable disadvantage. They did not drop in PvE areas. There were no dedicated servers so Host wins. The netcode itself can be exploited. Team Deathmatch point secure mechanic is awful. If I want to PvP I play a PvP game. I don't PvP in games likes Path of Exile or Diablo either.