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  1. It goes a bit deeper than just Volt's Speed buff. It's the game's design over the last many years. That is. It's a multiplayer game where players don't actually rely or need each other to do anything. Long ago players would check each other on what frames they were playing and attempt team synergy. Going long runs in the void for key efficiency mattered. Specialized farming groups for mods, gear, rep, whatever, mattered. If you go real far back to Damage 1.0 then even completing some basic missions mattered. None of this matters now though so players simply pick whatever frame they want because it doesn't matter if it hinders the or helps the group. The bar for success is so low it's a given. Nearly automatic. You can do everything wrong and long as you invest the time you will get what you want. Add to this that rewarding players for actually synergizing and thinking about how to approach a mission is near entirely absent and you have a solo-multiplayer game, not really a co-op game.
  2. This might be the underline difference in perspective. When I started in 2013 I thought of Warframe as a 3rd person dark sci-fi Diablo. It shared many similarities and if you still play what you refer to as "old content" it's still similar. Thing is, I would call that Warframe. Not old content. I feel it's still the "Core" of the game no matter how many modules are added. Majority reasons because those modules aren't interlinked, this is where everyone starts and this was "Warframe" until Plains. When I compare to Path I see a large change in the core game and how it's played with Conquers and again recently with Mavin. While they have module content like Delve the core of the game never becomes "old content" though there is old content in the game of course. It's easy to see the end-game loop is a core design objective for Path. It's constantly expanded, changed, more difficult and improved. DE by comparison look like they're making a buncha mini games. In the end DE removed the last thing I truly enjoyed about the game which was making and testing builds to their limits. I'm just kinda sitting around for something good because as I mentioned I can just not play long as I want and not miss out. Everything gets easier to attain with time in Warframe while the bar to succeed never really changes.
  3. @Steel_Rook Upkeep is just moving the grind to a different area with the side effect of keeping older content relevant. Obviously it isn't going to work in Warframe as the economy has already crashed years ago. Last I played the only thing worth anything were RNG Rivens and talk about bad practice. Kubrow upkeep was bad because it was timed. The same applies to their login reward system which is still in the game but this isn't what I'm talking about referencing upkeep. You speak about exclusives like they were never a part of the game but that's actually one of many reasons I quit. DE even went as low to use exclusives on a 0.01% drop chance in otherwise awful events to bait players into playing unlike normally where the cosmetic is simply offered at a low bar of participation. I seriously pity anyone who tried to sit in one of the two events offering Rift Sigil only to have DE give it away later. DE loves to kick its fans in the face like that. DE actually went worse with Primed Chamber. Offering it as a super special reward on streams. This is an item. Something that should never be exclusive. I have some cosmetics to show for playing Path since 2013. I have nothing to show for Warframe except watching everyone get what I worked for free. Reinvent themselves is pretty generous. DE makes side modules of the original game that generally have nothing to do with the original game or each other. If I drop down on Sedna I'm going to get exactly the same experience I had 7 years back. DE found their own reset button by creating these module systems. Warframe. The game you might have played in 2015 has pretty much not changed at all.
  4. @DrivaMain It's not even casual or midgame. It's more of a rotating door philosophy IMO. Come in, buy stuff, don't stay. You're generalizing veteran into a certain type of player which there are/were many types. Endurance runs and similar were created by the community because we simply had nothing else to do. Regardless of the veteran's play style this is still going to result in being true long as DE insist on slowly making entirely non-connected content instead of letting systems in the game do some of the work. The most important part being connecting content in more than just items to walk away with. @Steel_Rook I don't find the first statement true. I'm an example of it even. Still, here but don't play anymore. I have no burn out. I simply have no interest in anything DE has made and I don't feel a need. There's stuff for me to do but it's mostly the same and I know I'll just sleep through it but there's also far more to it. Yea, veterans generally have the ability to objectively examine the game but under current conditions that skillset it near pointless so they leave. Even if they're not veterans the same is true. Once a player sees the glaring flaws of the game and that nothing is going to change. They leave. Esp with how obvious the grind wheel is now. This is part of the white noise condition DE has created by having no design direction. Path of Exile would actually be either an anomaly or example that your 3rd claim is not correct. It gets new players but has continued to grow with it's veterans and target audience. It's community leaders of 8 years are still streaming and often beat Warframe on twitch in views just playing the game. For Youtube it's not even close. Never has been. Yes Path essentially hits a reset button every 3 months but it works for the design structure and they also manage to push content every 3 months with changes, size and quality that dwarf Warframe who has three times the staff. Comparatively this makes DE look either lazy or inept. Not a good look. There is a certain structure that has to be followed in order to make a long lived RPG and it's one DE has pretty much never followed. Build diversity, re-play ability and Difficulty being three main pinnacles of such a design. To be fair most games with an RPG structure don't follow this anymore though and that's why they die out. Bringing it back to my first portion "there's also far more to it.". One major removal was a player's need to lose and/or repair items as part of an enduring economy system. This is one of many concepts where you hook both new and old players at the same time. There are other ways to monetize veterans as well. Exclusive skins and effects. Ya know. Ephemeras that DE made all these claims about but everyone and their grandma has. Exclusives are an easy way to keep all people playing, esp veterans. However with DE's current system. I don't have to play because there aren't any. I will never miss out on anything and in fact get things quicker than those who play content when it's new. This is backwards. I mostly mention Path because I started both games early 2013. Path still gets money out of me being the same age so there are many design structures that can be utilized and this conversation could turn into a book but safe to say DE doesn't use these methods. As a developer of mods I listen to my community because players know exactly what my mods are intended to do so they can offer advise tailored to that design. When players don't know what your game is, how do they offer advice? Thus the white noise, no feedback, devs disconnected, further lack of direction in a circle that just gets worse.
  5. There's a lot here but a lot of it can be summed up in that DE no longer has a defined audience. DE can't listen to feedback well because it's turned into white noise and that's mostly their own fault. When Warframe came out it had a fairly clear direction and group of players who had interest in the game. It was pretty easy to get points across back them. We have endless missions because DE listened to the community. DE also had "Community Leaders" ie streamers / Youtubers with a defined or dedicated interest in the game which DE could also take notes from. Since around Plains of Eidolon none of that is the case anymore. DE tries to appease everyone except their veterans in attempts to recreate the boon they saw with that content. There's never really been defined end-game though the community made their own with Void endurance runs. The development direction went 20 different directions at once which left players wondering what type of game this is and thus started the white noise of feedback. Since pretty much none of their content appealed to most veteran players they also lost their community leaders to take pointers from on what players are enjoying right now. So they're now spread all over the place with half finished products probably looking solely at statistical values instead of people playing and don't have a clue what to do anymore. Biggest mistake they made was ignoring their Veterans. Everyone is or will soon be veterans and come to similar conclusions. Something along the lines of "Okay I'm done with that sandbox grind, now what?".
  6. Viral was 1 proc yes but the effect was not capped. 800HP became 400 (-damage). 8,000,000 became 4,000,000 (-damage). Heat procs were good before they added the Armor reduction because they forced CC animation at any level. Cold was also 1 proc but reduced animation speed by 50% which stacked with other animation reductions and increased other DoT duration for the longest time. All of these unique types of status designs were replaced by boring stack, ticks and time restriction. Nearly all are now capped in some manner. When I said "I feel most status procs are underpowered due to their now limited number of stack potential." I mean in both directions. The entire status system has been designed around this silly standardization making many weaker, one stronger and all less interesting. Probably the best part of Damage 2.0 were the new status effects and their designs. This has been a step backwards.
  7. Incorrect. Viral was capped currently it's capped at +325% damage while reducing an enemy's HP by 50% had no limit. Heat is capped by time of ticks along with it's set Armor reduction preventing players from getting enemies under 10% no matter what. Cold is capped by time and triggers per second as each application has it's own duration instead of one application at 50%. Blast stacks worthless -%Accuracy 10 times with it's own duration making it triggers per second capped while the previous was one application. Toxic though not capped got weaker as it now does 6 ticks in 7 seconds compared to it's previous 9 ticks in 8 seconds. Corrosive is painfully obvious with 10 stack cap. Though no triggers cap it's instead capped in effectiveness. Gas also obvious with 10 stack cap though no DoT cap. Notice a trend yet with the stacks, ticks and time craps? Being capped doesn't mean just the stacks a status is limited to. In the previous system some procs only needed to occur once but most of those statuses had the same effect regardless. Blast would knock down a lvl 30 enemy or a lvl 3,000 enemy. No Cap. Electricity does 3m AoE of 6 ticks but no longer stuns enemies hit by the AoE. It never had a cap and previously it did 5m and stunned enemies with each proc. By comparison the old proc was a sphere area of 314 while the new one is 113. Even if you do more numeric damage; you're covering 1/3 the area and you're not stunning. Either way it simply took the place of Gas but worse. Radiation is one status that was a true buff in the current damage system and comically it really didn't need it. Heat being "buffed" compared to previous doesn't hold much credit within the new system since Slash was only changed from 7 ticks in 6 seconds to 6 ticks in 7 seconds making it the ideal go-to with Viral. In a game where enemies die near instantly all this stacks with per seconds crap is wasted and instant procs were/are more effective. Old Gas would clear quicker than new Electric because old Gas had two instant components that didn't require build up. New Electric has one instant within 1/3 the area. Add this to now far weaker enemies and you have the current state of status being far worse than it was before.
  8. Honestly I feel most status procs are underpowered due to their now limited number of stack potential. Heavy status weapons are generally pointless now. You just hit a set spectrum range of proc rate and you're done. Slash is the only untouched one because DE knows the forums would catch fire if they touch it and so it's easily the strongest status because no limitation was enforced on it like others. In case of Gas it's damage is tied to Base damage and multiplier with only it's radius increasing. Attack speed is the only way to improve it's stack application but Base Damage Vs Attack Speed then becomes it's cap. Doesn't help it's damage per Proc is roughly 1/4 what it used to be. Slash by comparison is a product of Base damage + Multipliers and attack speed since it's an IPS and not an Elemental proc. Thus you have mod space to prevent them from conflicting. Personally I find the new status system and it's arbitrary limitations awful in design and even worse to build around. Boring even.
  9. Umbra Forma was just something DE decided to capitalize on because they saw players working to squeeze them into builds. Polarity cost has been a pointless limitation to builds since not long after Forma were added to the game. You have 8 main mod slots. That's your limitation. Everything else is just fluff or bait to keep you busy. Including Umbra Forma. DE actually ran into a problem with Primary weapons and extreme polarity costs where no matter how you forma you couldn't fit 8 mods into a single build. They later fixed this by making those weapons hybrid Crit but the condition is still present and will pop up again at some point I'm sure.
  10. I had a concept a long time ago I never quite bothered to put into a post for acrobatic attacks that are still effective. The main interaction was to hold a direction or key while performing the attack near or on a given hitbox or terrain. Enemy Hitbox based attacks: 1) While in the air Holding forward + Melee will vault over an enemy and perform a 360 AoE Melee swing. 2) While in the air Holding back + Melee will Kick off an enemy and somersault swing your weapon in a vertical 360 hitting enemies in front and behind. 3) While in the air Holding any direction + Jumping will Kick off an enemy staggering them driving your weapon into an enemy in your path. 4) While in the air after a Vault (#1) Jump + Melee will perform an upwards spiral 360 swing striking multiple times. 5) While in the air after a Vault or Kick off (#1 / #2) Crouch + Melee will perform a fast "Slash Dash" type attack in a line. Terrain based attacks: 1) Bring back Wall-run. Allow Blocking and Melee attacks while running. 2) While on a wall Jump + Melee perform a corkscrew attack in a direction piercing through enemies knocking then aside till landing. 3) While on a wall Jump + Crouch + Melee to perform 3 sliding 360 AoE attacks. Similar to what we do now but x3 with more momentum. Some of the Hitbox ideas could easily be applied from the Terrain line such as kick off or vaulting. Conceptually all these attacks either hit 360, multiple times or hard (~+300% damage) The trick is to make these animations fast, fun and most of all worth the extra effort over just spamming melee. EDIT: Oh and bring back Drop Kicking. It's still technically in the game but wonky to use since Bullet Jumping. Not some super secret technique but it was fun running down a corridor and drop kicking enemies in the head knocking them down. It's the simple things.
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