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Sugestion - Saryn Orphid Skin's shoulder flower as optional attachment


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Dear DE, Love the skin, could do without the shoulder flower. Please, make it an optional attachment like Valkyr's arm straps.

It sometimes gets in the way of the aiming, but even more then that, I really, and I do mean REALLY, believe it would look so much better without it, specially if you take into consideration the cliping with other attachments.


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I second this. It clips with some of the shoulder parts and syandanas. Also, as mentioned, it blocks the aiming so putting it on the left would have been a better option.

Perhaps make it a shoulder armor like Banshee's?

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I've said the same thing before

good to see someone else feels the same way.


I love that skin, just wish I could swap the flower over to the opposite shoulder so it doesn't get in my crosshairs so much.


-yes, I know you can swap your camera to be a left shoulder view, but come on that would be super crazy looking; the only people who ever do that are corner-glitchers in conclave.

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Or what about the More General Problem

of your warframe blocking your viewpoint?

Wall-latching for example; know why no one uses it? cause you go blind when the wall forces your camera into your warframe.


Proposed General Solution:

steal Mirage's Hall of Mirrors cutaway effect; apply it to all warframes when the camera is aiming through them.


I swear DE is so stubborn about keeping the warframe in view. I've literally seen Enemies fade-out when they intersected my camera, yet they refuse to do the same when its my own warframe doing it.

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