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Suggestion: Dojo decorations need an numerical value for alignment/axis


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If only..

when placing an object, show the tilt in a numerical value to make turning and aligning objects easier.
Be it relative or absolute, but i really wish there was a way to see if i got an angle just right or not.

Make this a thing, pretty pls.


Edit: Boating the topic because i can, make things needlessly eloquent.

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aligning objects can be very difficult by eye, when trying to make some elaborate structures and it ends up being off by a couple of degrees but you don't notice til half way building it even though and you have to adjust so many things so an easier way to alight objects or being able to copy or group objects together would be great thing to help with this.  

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40 minutes ago, MagPrime said:

Being able to select an item and use char commands like /shift L15 or /rotate L9 would be amazing. 

Star Wars Galaxies had this feature and it made decorating enjoyable, I would be overjoyed if this came to Warframe. 

Or just "Place" an item on a shelf or wall THEN rotate it.

The problem is 6 axis movement is best handled via using a wheel for 360 degrees for rotation (or simply a value box to type in 45 degrees, etc); and for elevation, we have a box to determine height of an object.

Want to add some of the statutes on the shelves on the Liset, but aligning it is a mess with the current X-Y-Z axis system.

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