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  1. I'm resisting the urge to make more Mag puns. Please don't be Crushed at my restraint. 😄
  2. I just felt Pulled to this one...
  3. Joys of public matchmaking and a can do attitude of today's gamers. If you don't want to carry, probably better off making a team or finding some dedicated Eidolon groups to run with.
  4. Saw someone else bring this up and gave it more thought. I could get behind this if one of two things happened; mingame required to unlock the daily log in, or, the day counter is advanced but no loot is awarded, excepting the 50/100 day milestones.
  5. Only way I could support this is if there were a mini game (hacking, maybe) that you had to do in order to unlock the reward, or, it only progressed your login day counter but did not reward anything except the 50/100 day milestones. Because yes, while you are interacting with certain game features when using the app, you aren't playing the game like DE intends, which the login rewards, reward.
  6. I got that impression. It was really punted home by the fact that posted this in Off Topic and not...anywhere else on the forums that it should have gone.
  7. MagPrime

    So, Nitain...

    And yet, here we are, engaging in peer to peer moderation without also engaging the topic at hand. I suggest sinply reporting the post over potentially causing a derailment, if you don't plan on responding to the topic as well.
  8. Impressive. You completely missed what LBK said and then...explained what they said, almost perfectly.
  9. Riiight. I'm not gonna touch all the things wrong with this. See how good I'm being, @Cleesus, @Letter13 ?
  10. MagPrime

    So, Nitain...

    That would defeat the point of Nightwave?
  11. A) Why are you looking for them? B) There's 171 more pages to check C) ...why are you looking for them...?
  12. MagPrime

    So, Nitain...

    Yeah, that would help even veteran players like myself. The Profit Taker fight is the only one I can't do, just because Fortuna lags my computer so badly, I can't earn Syndicate standing, so the fight is locked for me.
  13. MagPrime

    So, Nitain...

    Needs a "Makes separate topic for something with an active megathread" box.
  14. MagPrime

    So, Nitain...

    The Nightwave system needs tweaks, yes, but it's a better system than Alerts were. Even in the unfinished stage Nightwave is currently in, it gives players more control than Alerts did. I'd like to see Wolf drop 100 creds, guaranteed. Bit high? Yes. But that guy has an awful spawn rate and is a damage sponge and we should get better rewards for putting ourselves through that nonsense of a fight. This was brought up by someone else (I don't remember who or I'd tag them) but being able to reroll some of the Elite weekly challenges would be an improvement as well.
  15. Noice. Played Warframe on a larger screen today, turns out, Nora is pretty annoying with how often she pops up when you don't have hint transmissions turned off. Like most voice lines in the game, she's mind numbingly predictable, just like Ordis, Lotus, etc.
  16. Ah, assumptions and passive aggressive insults. Cute.
  17. Yeeahhh...try an oblivious Mag with Crush and Polarize spam. (No, it wasn't me) They wouldn't stop after multiple attempts to get their attention, so I dropped Magnetize on them and they got the hint pretty quickly.
  18. Where did anyone say they spent that much time in game? Or that that was even part of the issue?
  19. Mm. And how is that shown in the screenshot? As @Methanoid points out, there is no proof short of a video. Yeah, the chat is obvious, you took the screenshot, but the rest of your story? How is that proven in the screenshot? Congrats. It's gonna happen again, for various reasons. And I sincerely doubt anything will come of it. I know it sounds snarky as Hek but, let's be realistic. Leeching is subjective and hard to prove. I personally don't care if someone goes AFK in a mission that's well in hand. It's boring just jumping around the map, picking up loot as it falls and there are a handful of 'frames that kill everything long before I have a chance to get there. (Looking at you, Saryn) Does that make me a leech, that I'm not breaking my keyboard to catch up with a meta player? I put in genuine effort but I don't feel bad when another player out performs me, and I don't feel enraged when another player is put in that position. kbai
  20. You took the time to edit out everyone elses name, except the person you have an issue with. Tells me you know you shouldn't be engaging in name/shame here on the forums. As to you claim of them leeching, their comment isn't exactly damning evidence, especially since they have play stats on the end of mission results you screenshotted. Send it to Support, 99% you'll get the canned response of "we'll look into this, put the player on ignore" and that's all that'll come from this. As to why there is no report for leeching option; this entire topic would be a good example of why. What you're submitting looks like a waste of time from the evidence provided, there is nothing actionable in that screenshot.
  21. It's been 5 years and...I think I may be burned out over this event. The grind wasn't fun, it was a gear check, and the bugs that came out? For the first time, I actually got angry enough to need a break from the game. Spent an hour running fractures only to lose all of my loot upon leaving squad so I could go back to Fortuna solo. An hours worth of mods, resources, Focus, Nightwave standing (3 prisoner spawns) and I just. I couldn't work up enough gumption to try again. Honestly, if I had lost my event score, good chance I would have simply booted up another game and not looked back.
  22. That's...not a universal rule, spoken or not.
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