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Vauban rework idea


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I've been mulling it over and thinking that his shtick of holding an area seems rather subpar for 3 reasons. 

1. His CC isn't that impactful in a mob oriented game. His mines are generally single target and work better as grenades than they do mines in almost any circumstance, his primary use has been for his Bastille and vortex builds which are far better at -AFK controlling interceptions- having control over an area. 

2. His damage is just not that great. I mean it makes sense that this disabling warframe shouldn't have that much damage to him but it's half of his kit, to deal damage with mines. 

3. Other frames afflict the best status effect with his level of AoE: DEATH. Sure at ridiculously high levels, you have things called "armor" and "damage reduction" and "healers" and so on in which it makes it harder for mobs to kill, but unless we are getting into the level 100 range of mobs, we almost never need that level of CC. There's also these things called nullifiers that if they get too close to his balls, will turn off his abilities. 


So what's this rework I'm preposing? 3 core things:

1. Mines within Bastille will use the range of Bastille as their own range for the sake of dealing damage and status effects.

This isn't to say you can't put mines on the very edge of a bastille and let them deal damage on the other side of it, however the effectiveness of it will be reduced as it gets farther.

Just as an example, if you have a mine within range, you have enemy on top of mine when it goes off. Mine will inflict full damage and if under a bastille will inflict a percentage extra damage. The % can be anything, based on how potent the mines should be. 

Second example, enemy enters area, mine goes off, enemy eats procs that mine emits but at a reduced % based on how far away the target is from the mine. 


2. Mine types need more potent statuses to afflict and more damage enabling abilities. Mines should also be made to pulse multiple times instead of outright explode as that's way too inefficient for this type of game. 

We have shredder mines that reduce armor (aka bad corrosive), tripwires that apply a knockdown (aka bad blast or impact), concussive mines that apply a radiation proc (aka bad.....uh....radiation guns), but do you recall? The most trolliest mine of allll.... Bounce. Which was basically useless except for being funny and probably a better tripwire on single targets....maybe.

So obviously the mines need a tuneup. Instead of acting like traditional mines, unless they carry a massive AoE with them (fun fact, they don't) should pulse multiple times. This is just a few ideas on how they could be tuned up:

Shredder mines strip armor but also apply a large slash proc on hit (because ya know, shredder).

Concussive mines disable any abilities or special effects the mobs can use for the duration of the concussive proc (duration reduced at range for bastille example ofc). What does this mean? Eximus units can't strip armor, apply toxin procs, can't slow, can't pulse with fire, more regular units like heavy gunners can't slam the ground and nullifies, if hit, can't deploy drones, same for techs and so on. This ability basically turns them into a meatball. It can shoot, it can walk, but it can't do much else. Concussive mines should also remove shields for reasons. 

Tripwire inside a bastille should cause an impact proc but if hitting the mine itself, disarms the unit in question until a set duration. I have mixed feelings about more disarming effects but at this point I feel like DE should give units a secondary besides melee for multiple cases of disarmament. 

Bounce should do just that, bounce enemies out of the zone. Bastille can repel a certain amount of enemies if bounce mines are placed within them, however if an enemy comes in contact with a bounce mine they should be ejected (violently) from the bastille or into the ceiling as the new chandelier. 


3. Bastille no longer renders enemy units in stasis, but slows them by a certain amount if at all. Bastille is also permanent and can only be placed or put down at 3-4 locations at once (at max level). 

Now hear me out here, quite frankly, this ability was BONKERS. It was basically "ha ha, I can slow the game to a crawl unless you spawn 50 of one unit because my team kills them too quickly". With the mine changes to being not only more effective but much more potent, bastille can be used as a more workhorse ability than a "spam this across the map because I can use it 40 times in rapid succession" ability. tuning it down and allowing it to be an enabler tool seems like a good way to make him this more "If you come into this area, I will make your life living hell" kind of frame. 

The comparisons can be drawn to frost, however frost mitigates damage rather than kill enemies within his snowdome. 



Just to reiterate, those are just core changes, I feel like his Tesla needs to either 

A. Be improved in the damage department and be his main damaging ability and also be a sort of tesla field when combined with bastille

B. Removed and subbed out for a new ability. Because I can't think of anything. 


Lastly vortex should be his ultimate, that is to say, probably the only ability not affected positively by bastille, if anything vortex is the only part of his kit that doesn't really need any changes in my opinion. 


Any thoughts? 

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