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Zarimann 10-0 Open World [Post-WAR WITHIN SPOILERS]


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Either utilizing a flashback type scenario, or some means of Void fissure/Time rift (as seen on Lua Spy) players should gain access to an open world Zarimann 10-0, during which, they can only use their Operators.

Depending on if it's a flashback or time-rift scenario, they may or may not have amps, and/or have unstable abilities.

There would, of course, be a player hub like Fortuna and Cetus, but the main focus of the hub faction(s) would be related to Player Alignment. Going out into the open world of the ship, roamed by deranged crewmen, soldiers, and general terrors of the void, players would be able to choose missions that tilt their alignment toward sun or moon.
Exterminations, Assassinations, Sabotage, and similar missions count toward Moon.
Capture, Rescue, Escort, Defense, and similar missions count toward Sun.
Spy, Cache Grab, Interception, and similar missions are neutral.

Like on the Plains, as you explore, you can discover additional missions to do, and like Fortuna, you can secure sections of the ship.
Dying would re-spawn you at the nearest secure location.

This could also add an opportunity for some really neat pvp centered around operators of opposing alignments.

Something like this would give players a ton of exposition in regard to the Zarimann 10-0 Incident, as well as further solidifying their connection to their operator character, as well as adding a lot of significance into their alignment.
One of my favorite things about Warframe is that it starts outward, and all its significant cinematic quests tend to draw the player more inward in connection to their character. I feel like this would be a chance for players to put action behind the decisions they made in Second Dream and War Within.

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15 minutes ago, Eathian said:

I could see parts of this a quest, but certainly not an open world.

I had originally envisioned it a quest, but it turned open world in my head when I remembered the choices you were given in WW, about hunting parties, and protecting other children.
I guess I felt like a single quest would not be sufficient time to really get the whole Zarimann 10-0 experience.
Things like gang formation, battles to save decks, dealing with void storms, and a lot of really interesting things, that could be explored, considering how long the ship was lost.

Players could unlock unique skills to be used later in game (Considering a wall was put up in their mind, there's no leap in logic as to why they could not use it once the first re-awoke.)

Maybe DE could even toy with more raw transference style mechanics. While the practice of transference was refined afterwards, it wouldn't be impossible that the tenno children leaned to utilize a skill similar to it. (Maybe traveling through veins of Oro, or something similar.)

While a quest would be fine, and I'd definitely want a quest, the premise of free-roaming the Z 10-0, like we can only assume our operators did in the past, uncovering memories from their interaction with their parents, exposition of the Man in the Wall, learning and utilizing incredibly chaotic and wild void skills, and overall self discovery in a pre-warframe environment really appeals to me. I'd say, like any open world, you'd get out of it what you put into it, and I would love to invest much more into my operator, and his alignment.

Plus, we really need a killer massive interior open-world, that's more than a combination of tiles.

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38 minutes ago, (PS4)cnemesis03 said:

I would like to see the Orokin home base. It could be like a big Orokin city or something that could be the Void open world. and The Zarimann could be connected to it somehow.

Well, how cool would it be if the there was an Orokin Open World, and the 'Quills' part allowed for players to enter a rift in it that lead to the Zarimann?

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