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Neub alert: Archwing Quest; why is it several quests away when I need it to finish the Earth missions?



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4 minutes ago, (PS4)zortation said:

Sorry, new player here, question is in the title. Don't I need to complete all missions on Earth before doing quests on other planets?

Greeting young Tenno!

No, you can forge ahead without completing all of the nodes of a planet and then come back later to clear those nodes. Personally I would argue that you should drive towards The Second Dream and The War Within quests as soon as you can for reasons I won't spoil. Not only that you are going to need some resources from later planets rather quickly as well (Saturn in particular as I found when I started out). I still have odd incomplete nodes all over the star map even now.

One minor tip (and minor spoiler) I will give you is when you complete The Howl of the Kubrow consider the upkeep costs of a Kubrow as they are fairly steep for a new player. Don't feel bad about stasis for a bit if you find it is expensive. Not everyone finds this to be the case but personally I did so I could concentrate on other stuff rather than constantly grinding for credits.

Make sure you bookmark the wiki as there is an awful lot you can learn in there that you won't find in the game and this is especially true about the abilities of certain frames. Don't forget about elemental damage mods on your weapons either as many new Tenno do without realising that about a third of your damage comes from these!


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