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Warframes, Prime Warframes, And Helmets.


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Is there a reason why, if we obtain a Warframe, we can't have its Default Helmet added to our inventory like the crafted helmets so that we can use them on Prime versions?


For example, if I started the game with Excalibur, I get Excalibur's Default Helmet added as an item. Then I become a Founder, and I get Excalibur Prime. What if I don't like EP's helmet? I could take EP, and select Excalibur's Default Helmet, and, voila! No EP Helmet.


Later on, let's say I build Mag and then I obtain Mag Prime and decide I liked the Tali look much better (face it, Quarians were awesome in ME-verse). I could select Mag Prime, and then select Mag's Default Helmet so I could once again look like a Quarian.


And the same would apply to all Warframes and their Primes.


For those of us who already sold our Warframes, our profiles keep track of what Warframes we had leveled in the past; it shouldn't be too hard to retro-actively add Warframe default helmets to our inventories if we had said Warframe in the past.


EDIT: In no way am I saying any of the Helmets are bad, per se... but people like having options, and having extra options never hurt anybody.

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I have both Excal, & Prime, and it lets me use the normal helm on my Prime frame.....idk if its not working for you or what, but it lets me do it fine.


It does? Hmm, that's odd. I couldn't find the option in-game. Do you have to have both Warframes simultaneously? I sold my old Excalibur.


I'll try looking again.


Derp. Now I feel stupid haha. Maybe I somehow didn't catch the option...

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It doesn't.


On my Excalibur Prime, it allows me to select "Default Skin" (Excalibur Prime's helmet) or "Pendragon Excalibur Helmet"........but not the NORMAL Excalibur Helmet.


Tried it with Frost Prime (I still have regular Frost), and same thing.


Default Skin (which is Frost Prime helmet)

Squall Frost Helmet

Aurora Frost Helmet


...........no Normal Frost helmet.

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