Regulators Prime tint maps

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Those weapons have unbelivebly small customization range. From what Ive seen, the only major zones are the handle, and the metalic structire of the whole pistol. The other 2 are, as far as I can tell, impossible to see. Please, merge handle and the other 2 zones then break up the metalic bit into 3 pieces: overall structure, magazine cylinder and the barrel. As this weapon is tied to Mesa Prime, I posted it in Warframes section, if any mod believes its more suited to Weapons section, feel free to move it there.

I know that remapping the whole weapon is not an easy and quick thing, but thats what I ask for.

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I feel the same way. 90% of the colour determined by accents and the rest 10% is mostly on the grip which covered by mesa's hand . It is painful to see a weapon in just one same colour.

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