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Warframe Concept: Philosopher, The Alchemist of different chemical reaction


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PHILOSOPHER - The Alchemist frame. 
    A support-buff-heal Warframe based on different chemical reactions.

1: Exploding Flasks

  •     Throws up to 3 exploding flasks that deals impact and x damage on an enemies hit with guaranteed knockdown and x proc on the area.
  •     x damage/proc depends on the secondary weapon mod elements.
  •     This will have 3 rounds of flasks. The flask will refill over time. Refilling requires energy. The Flask will not refill when there is no energy.
  •     Holding the skill key will throw the 3 Flasks simultaneously on a horizontal manner causing a larger area of explosion.

2: Ooze

  •     Throws a pool of white fluid on the ground. Allies that passes through the pool will gain increased movement speed and acrobatic maneuvers. Enemies that passes through will reduce its movement speed while on the pool and has a chance to trip.

3: Oasis

  •     Throws a pool of healing water on the ground. Allies while standing in the Oasis will heal over time and gain damage reduction. Enemies near the Oasis will be pacified and will not attack. Affected enemies will slowly walk towards the Oasis.

**Pools of chemicals are limited to 6. (e.g. there can only be 6 oasis on the map, when a 7th is thrown, the first Oasis will disappear)

4: Philosopher's Stone

  •     Creates an orb from a number of enemies killed. This orb creates an area that siphons the life of enemies in it - deals small bleed damage to enemies in it. 
  •     The duration is based on the number of enemies killed by the frame.
  •     While this is active, enemies killed in the area of effect of the Stone will have a high chance of dropping a health orb.
  •     While a Philosopher's Stone is active, all pools have greater effects and needs less energy to cast. 
  •     The max number of Pools are doubled. (Before PS, there can only be 6, after PS, there can be 12, when the PS duration runs out, the last 6 pools will remain if there were more than 6 pools active during that time.
  •     When an ally is in the area of effect of the Stone, they gain energy efficiency on skill cast. 

- Skills will have different effect when combined with another:

IGNITION = Ooze + Exploding Flask

  •     When Exploding Flasks is thrown on the Ooze pool, it ignites it causing a pool of flames. Enemies caught in it will receive x damage over time. 
  •     Exploding Flask explosion will have a greater range when thrown on an Ooze pool.
  •     When allies stands on the pool of flame, their weapon gain x elemental damage (flask elemental damage). 
  •     Ooze will no longer slows and trip enemies.

BUBBLE = Oasis + Ooze

  •     When Ooze is thrown on an Oasis, it boosts the Oasis buff. 
  •     Now, Allies that passes through this pool will slowly gain a protective bubble that reduce damage, heal over time, and increases movement speed. The bubble is health based. It's health is affected by how long the player stayed on the Oasis (and health, armor and power strength mods).
  •     HoT of the bubble is additive to the Oasis heals, however, damage reduction will only account on where the player is - the bubble when outside the Oasis or Oasis when standing on it.

ERUPTION = Oasis + Exploding Flasks

  •     When Exploding Flask is thrown on an Oasis, the Oasis pool slowly pulls nearby enemies then erupts. Dealing a burst of heals to allies and deals x damage to enemies. Enemies caught up in the blast are momentarily confused causing them to attack allies.

Further Reactions after the first combination of skill will not happen. (i.e. when Explosive Flask is thrown on an Oasis + Ooze, it will not explode or ignite or both)

This inspiration of this frame is from Uncle Sven of Gigantic, anime Fullmetal Alchemist, and book The Alchemist. I am not good with naming things so these skill names are cringy for me. This is just a concept of a frame i would love.

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I like the concept, it's something i wished Vauban would have been like with the powerful synergies.

Grineer and Sentients are pretty much the Homunculii of Warframe and the backstory of the Grineer is just as sad as of the ones in FMA.

How about adding a second passive which would add a small bonus against factions based on their traits, Homunculus: Corpus affected by Greed, Grineer by Anger, Infested by Gluttony, Sentients by Lust?

Greed could make mobs affected by abilities fight each other.

Anger could make them miss more, slightly reducing hit chances with both ranged and melee weapons.

Gluttony could make the affected suffer slight damage over time. (% based)

Lust could make them more disorganized, mobs would occasionally wander around aimlessly.

Or something similar just for the theme.

Got to think about it, if the frame got its prime, its abilities would turn into ones with golden effects...

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