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Sage (Seer) Barrel... A Myth?


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Really, im killing this guy once every day the last 2 months (limited playtimes to 2-4 Missions / Day).. does he drop the ballel at all?  I can plaster walls with Cronos Blueprints. even 5-6 Seer Blueprints..1 Reciever.. no barrels.


Edith says: Sage, Seer... something prophetic.. jeez...

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While playing with a new player the Cronus has a 100% drop rate. I noticed as I farmed that it appeared to take over the BP drop from that run each time it happened. Whether it actually does or not, I personally do not know just something to keep and mind and maybe solo it.


And RNG is, contrary to popular belief, random. It's not out of the realm of possible that someone my never see an item drop. Unlikely but possible. Keep trying, just don't burn yourself out in the process.

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