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Downside To Duration Modding Trinity


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So the update not too long ago overhauled Trinity's abilities a bit, and this caused some backlash, but it wasn't too horrible of a change and we can all get over it an move on. Some changes were for the better.


One of the changes was that Energy Vampire (EV) could be used quickly and efficiently to boost your energy by casting and then killing the target with enough health to leech the 100 energy (before Focus), then you could recast it once they're dead and so on. What EV does now, is more of a waiting game for the energy to be distributed before it's wise to kill the target. I am starting to like this change, but there's one problem that hinders Trinity when you try to mod her to her maximum potential.


Without the Aura Helmet (+25% Duration), Continuity (+30% Duration) or Constitution (+28% Duration), EV last 9 seconds at maximum rank. Upon casting, it pulses out its first 25 energy almost instantly and then the remaining 3 every 3 or so seconds. However, with all of the time duration buffs on, it will still pulse that first wave of energy instantly, but the duration is extended to about 16 seconds, and the pulses are further apart, with a bit of glowing still a few seconds after the last pulse has been emitted.


Same skill, same payout, less energy per minute if constantly casting.

  • (100 Energy / 9 Seconds) x 1 Minute = 667 Energy/Min [No Duration Mods/Helm]
  • (100 Energy / 16 Seconds) x 1 Minute = 375 Energy/Min [With Mods/Helm]

Approximate Energy/Time Chart [1]


Now the obvious thing to do here would be to just take off the Aura helmet and the duration mods so you can cast Energy Vampire faster and get more return per minute. But now Blessing gets an 83% reduction in duration without them.


To be a good Trinity, you should be giving your team the maximum amount of energy and keeping Blessing active as much as possible if you plan to survive high wave defence missions, why must the most important combination of Trinity's skills, contradict each other when you try to mod for both?

  • Do you feel this is how it should be?
  • What could be changed?


TL;DR Having power duration mods and the Aura helmet on Trinity makes Energy Vampire take longer to distribute the energy. Thus making it more viable to not use duration mods at the expense of Blessing's duration.

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It wasn't a problem before though, the duration was helpful usually since people in the squad had more time to notice it and collect their 100+ energy. It's just now that even small targets which you used to just 'cast n kill' are now 'cast and wait.... for longer'.

It may not have been a problem, but the mechanic was there. DE didn't change as much as they claimed, the bug followed it to the new flavour.

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Maybe this was done for the purpose of balance.

So if you want a long blessing you are not going to get a bunch of energy to continue casting it.

Essentially, she has two builds. Which is a kind of a smart thing to do..... if this was the purpose.

This should be applied to all frames so we dont get some of the cheesiness we see with certain combination of mods.

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