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Make mods that can't fit on gear because you ranked them up NOT just remove themselves from the loadout


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The most annoying thing I've had with the modding system thus far is ranking up a primed mod I own 1 rank higher than previous, and then 10 of my other warframes can't fit the mod anymore because it went one over, meaning I have to now GO back and forma each of those 10 frames at least 1 time again.

Ranked up mods that can't fit on certain setups should STAY equipped in the setup, BUT the UI will tell you that because that mod is over cost it won't apply its effect unless you add a forma.

On the same note, formaing a weapon shouldn't unequip mods, they should stay on BUT again they won't apply their effect until the mod space is enough for the mod cost. This issue is less annoying compared to the latter, but it is still tedious having to slap mods back onto a weapon when you already had those mods on b4 slapping a forma into the build.


Add a new feature where mods can be dialed down in ranks below the rank they are currently, for example a r10 vitality can be dialed down to the mod cost and effect of an r7 vitality, or a r10 umbral fiber can be dialed down to an r1. This would be especially useful for those primed mods that you normally only have 1 copy of, or a special case, fleeting expertise.

Fleeting expertise in some builds does NOT want to be max rank due to the duration debuff, so a lot of players own at least 2, one max rank and one lower than max.

Also, adding a feature like this could fix the issue listed at the top, just make the system automatically dial down the mod to whatever the build can fit, therefore eliminating the instances where mods unequip due to a rank up.

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5 minutes ago, FIDOISHERE said:

Um. Get another mod? That's kinda what I do. If I want to use min max builds on certain frames with umbral modes corrupted mods etc.

You only have 1 of each umbral type mod so that's a no for that, and primed mods are not cheap enough to just go out and grab another for the sake of saving mod space, at least IMO. Other mods that are relatively common are ok but the idea is mostly for the mods you only own 1 or very few of.

Anyway theres a lot of other stuff I wrote that might be good QoL features that accompany a feature like this, such as mods not throwing themselves off a weapon everytime you forma it.

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