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Command Center Gaming Is Looking For New Members (21+)


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Hey Tenno. Command Center Gaming is a new clan that started in Warframe but will be expanding to multiple games as well. We are casual and 21+. All 3 founding members are extremely experienced in working with and running clans/guilds of all different sizes. We are looking to take in members who are in the game for the fun of it and can take things seriously but never forget we're playing damn video games.


In Warframe, we are currently only at 5 members. We are aiming for staying a Ghost Clan for the next month or so and then growing from there. We currently have a fully outfitted dojo (dueling room, obstacle course and the works) and have all research completed. We also have our clan emblem accepted in game already, so you can rock it with pride.


We also have a Teamspeak server (TS3 and a working headset is strongly preffered) and forums. If you'd like to apply reach me, Signal Warden, in game or here OR you can go and apply on our forums (all members will be asked to apply at some point anyway) at www.commandcenter.forumotion.com.


Thanks for reading and we hope to shoot things with you soon.



Here is a Mag and Shade rocking out the CCG clan emblem!


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Just a quick update everyone. We are about to push past Ghost clan, so this will be the last posting for us here and we'll be posting updates in the Shadow Clan section in the next day or so. We've filled out with a pretty active roster, expanded the dojo even further and have all the new research done. Myself and a clan general have been organizing scheduled runs where we spend a day running only survival or only defense, etc. We'd love to have you join us! See you in the game Ninjas. 

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