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So Assume This.


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Or you can click the handy 'Topic Moderation' button above your OP and just delete the thread in 3 seconds.


Wat, you can do dat?


Nvm the other got deleted already.


Damn it, teach me your ways.



Nearly blends in with my background, explains why I missed it >.>

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I just hope the limit isn't 10 or 12.

We all know how hard these mobs hit at level 100+

Even if you summon 10 or 12 of them they'll be dead in under 20 seconds when being swarm by 30 -  50+ mobs.

Make sure they are Ancients, or More important enemies.


....Who wouldn't want to see Grineer Hellions massacring  their fellows?

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Nekros 4 ability summons a copy of all enemies you've killed in the current match.


4 Nekros get to wave 100 on endless defence.


All hit 4 at the same time.



What do.

At this point I don't see a difference to other fantasy wizard games.



Such a big potential of Technocyte is screwed in wizard frame :O

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