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Hi guys

A couple of days ago i went to the market to buy 10 Large Health Kits and then i realized how ennoying it is that i have to buy one at a time be sure that i really wanna buy that one and then i have to press OK on the little thank you card that is popping up after that.

So my idea is that if i wanna buy more then one thing in the market then i will be able to choose the number that we want right from the beginning like if i want 5 formas then i will be able to chhose the number by typing and thenjust pay for all five of them together and then instead of just repressing on the buy button.


Thank you for hearing my idea out guys and i hope you like it. :D


Also there is another idea that i came up with.

It is about the Arsenal. When we put on shield, power, health, ammo and others for our weapons and warframes we still see the same old stats. So my idea is why wont you make another stats bar for after we added the improvements, and the original stats will be saved upon the bar with the corrent stats. and there will be names next to the bars so we wont get it wrong the uper bar is the "Original Stats" and the lower bar will be called "Current Stats".

that will improve the game

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