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What's The Difference..... ?



I have a MAG and I just got a Shield Polarize Mod from a mission, and I looked at it and saw that it was different than my original (starting) Shield Ploarize. 

My starting Shield Polarize was "Uncommon 3", and this new one is just "Uncommon".


Then I looked at my other abilities and it shows my original PULL is just "Common".

When my Bullet Attractor & Crush are both "Rare 3".


Okay is there a difference? Are Rare mods stronger or something?

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If you level up a mod, it will add a number after the rarity equal to the mod level.

E.g. The mod is level 5 and rare = Rare 5

Yeah but my PULL (like all other starting mods) are all maxed out.

But it still shows it as just "Common".

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But all my starting mod abilities are maxed out.

How come Pull is just common...

If I'm not mistaken, the first ability of every Warframe is common in the drop tables, so it's labled as such. The second and third are uncommon and the fourth is Rare.

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