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Um.....where Is Golem?


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You seriously don't want to know. The grinding you're going to have to do is insane. You'll wish you just had to wait for alerts / defense wave rewards.

^ This 

I sort of wept when I saw the mats. 3k circuits for one key to have a chance for a blueprint....

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You have to get to the Derelict place to find the new J3-Golem. To get to the Derelict:


-New Level Sets: Orokin Derelict Spacecrafts.
What happened to the Orokin places that did not get hidden in the Void? Search the solar system for  co-ordinate crafting components in loot containers to locate the mysterious Orokin Derelicts.

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3K circuits is being lowered, can confirm this.


That's great and all, but 6 HOURS REALLY? I'd hope something that requires this much effort would have a bit higher chance of dropping from it.


The craft time is basically telling me to go play something else since even if I grinded towards another key I couldn't even craft it.

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