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Defense Award Game Breaking Bug


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I was on Europa- Eligor

Started off with a full group (i was host). First person dropped out before wave 5. 2nd person dropped at wave 5 reward. 3rd person left at wave 10 reward. I stayed and soloed to wave 15.


When wave 15 reward came up, it showed whats in the screen shot below. I could not select any option. Since i couldnt select to continue to battle or leave, the game progressed and I couldnt do anything as the reward screen stayed up. I was killed and I still couldnt select Revive or Forfeit as it was in the background.






I had to wait till pod died and mission failed came up

I am submitting my EE.log along with this post

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Edit: Just read about the EE log: "https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/35420-mission-bugs-and-log-files/"

        Hopefully someone that had this problem knew about this.


Me and a friend had the same problem on Olympus


However, we did another defense, also on Olympus but the game generated a different map and we got to wave 15; we didn't have any problems.



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