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Several Orb Vallis bounty bugs (that I've noticed so far)


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  1. Assassination targets are near-immortal. They do not take damage from normal attacks/gunfire.
    1. They do, however, take damage from status procs, such as Slash and Toxin.
    2. Void Dashing through the target will hurl them in the direction you dash in, and hurling them into the water will kill them instantly.
  2. Assassination stages are targeted at a specific Corpus base, and at least one player must remain in that base during the credit collection and assassination stages of the bounty. This was a published change from 24.4.0. However, the target has no such restriction and may spawn hundreds or thousands of meters away if there are other players in the lobby.
  3. Stages requiring kills of certain enemies are now tied to specific locations (Kill Ospreys, kill MOAs, kill Corpus).
    1. Spawnrates do not seem to be affected by these stages as per usual, making killing Ospreys in particular quite a difficult task.
  4. Bounty stages are randomized per load into the Vallis, but are not randomized per run, making repeated bounty runs tedious and repetitve.

All of these bugs seem to have appeared with update 24.4.0 and are present on 24.4.3. Feel free to add any more details you've noticed below regarding the stages in question or other stages that I wasn't able to run (since it's not randomizing the stages per-run and I don't wanna sit through that many elevators).

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Clarification: #2 being an area bounty is intended as per 24.4.0, but the enemy spawning thousands of meters away if you have that one ally fishing somewhere is not.
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I don't think 3 and 4 (maybe 4 but not really sure) are bugs, even though I agree that killing specific ennemies, I had to kill 25 ospreys solo and during the 7m timer at full alert level, I only got """1""" osprey spawn ._.


But 1 and 2 are infuriating, these bugs makes it almost impossible to complete a run, and at the same time DE decides to give us a challenge that consists of completing 8 runs of this... WTF ? I even got a target that did spawn in it's zone, but even when we were inside the zone, the game just failed the mission for no reason, the timer was still up, we were in the zone, painfully pushing the ennemy towards a pool of coolant. They really need to patch these things ASAP, their new system that replaces alerts is already a farm fest, if we have to do every mission at the end of the week because it got patched too late, I don't people will be too happy.

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