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On improving k-drives as a traversal alternative


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As someone who really wants to use k-drives over archwing as a meaning of traversal (lets be real here: archwing's abilities are useless in open worlds and the only 2 that matter are itzal's teleport and loot suck, so they don't really matter) the most obvious issue is: K-Drive is not fast enough.

Here's 2 things i think can be improved on to aleviate that issue (i can live with being 5-10% slower than my teammates):

  1. First of all: K-Drive Speed and K-Drive Boost Speed stats are... Stupid. If you put both +Speed and +Boost on a k-drive - they do not stack. Frankly the +Speed mod is useless, because a moded boost is the maximum speed you can get out of your k-drive anyway. Why would use +Speed mod at all? Ever?
    Suggestion: make them stackable. Make the boost speed stat a multiplier of normal speed rather than fixed speed number. This will make it so that combining both +Speed and +Boost mods will greatly improve the K-drive's potential speed.
  2. I recently tested the Magus Drive arcane (On Transference in: +100% k-drive speed for 20 seconds).
    Its surprisingly good. Makes the k-drive go very fast, probably almost as fast as Itzal with the speed mod (and minus teleporting).
    However: 20 seconds is not enough. I can imagine that constnatly going Operator > Warframe > K-drive > Warframe > Operator > Warframe > K-drive will get very repetetive and annoying very quick.
    Suggestion: the effect of Magus Drive arcane should be at least doubled in duration. Perfectly it should be good 60 seconds. With speed that i witnessed i think 60 seconds should be enough to traverse from point A to point B in a single arcane activation in any open world (minus hitting walls and "eating S#&$" to quote [DE]Rebecca).
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18 minutes ago, Artekkor said:

K-Drive Boost Speed stats...Suggestion: make them stackable.

Didn't realize the didn't stack. They should. I would also like to see a higher boost speed. If people find its too much, then they can learn to not max the mod out. I want to be a rocket in PoE. Boost + Charged jump = blast off...

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