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Nyx Graxx helmet energy colour bug


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i was fashion framing nyx prime with her new delux skin, trying different colours and seeing what helmets looked good with it, and tried the graxx helmet, and it looked good with it, but i noticed a problem, the energy colour on the bits of energy that shoot out of the side of the helmet, despite having a colour set for the energy (and emissive) colour options, was the default blue colour


as you can see, im using red as the energy colour, but despite that the energy that shoots out of the helmet is appearing blue, i tried changing the energy colour and while that showed the energy shooting out of the helmet changing colour, as soon as i backed out it went back to being the default blue colour

(while im here, why the hell cant we have a look at what a skins helmet looks like on its own? i wanted to see what the graxx helmet looked like with this skin before buying it, but, despite clicking on "helmet", not "skin", it showed the full graxx skin instead of just the helmet on its own, so i had to buy it to see if it looked good with the new delux skin or not, i dont regret it cause i like the way it looks on the delux skin, but i shouldnt be forced to buy it just because i cant preview the helmet on its own)

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