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Weird sounds playing.


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Hello, I been having this problem for several weeks now. The problem consists of a weird sound been play every time I change weapons, warframe's and even used any special skill during missions. All the warframes that I have used to have the same problem. I have reset the audio options to see if there was something in there that was causing this weird sounds to play. I have been testing all the audio option to see what was causing this, and I found that the Sound Effect was making this weird sound. Also, it seems that by saving changes from the options category cause the sound to play again. I hope that this bug is fixed soon. Thank you.

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I'm curious: Are you sure it isn't from the special UI sound effects customization? I recently changed mine to the new Corpus-themed ones and noticed it makes that sound when I use Transference.

ESC > Options > Interface tab > UI Customization > Sounds
There's also a "Play Sound" button to possibly confirm the "weird sounds" that you're hearing.

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