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System Cores! (An Idea About Stat-Helmets)


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First this is just an idea I had this morning about how to make old helmets and new helmets match up with how DE wants them to behave.


Vanity is an important "stat" in games. Who hasn't turned away a better piece of gear in an RPG just because it makes you look silly. I personally don't want to have to run around looking like a chicken. Even if it give me +4 smiting against evil bug overlords, I just want to look cool. This same concept of vanity applies to Warframe as well. This is why there has been a drive, by many in the community, to remove stats from helmets. But many don't want to have stats removed. They like having their Rhino more at normal speed. They like having added power efficiency on their Lokis. They like having this extra layer of customization for their warframes that allow them to tweak them for how they wish to play. So to reconcile this, DE has split helmets down the middle. All older helmets will keep their stats while new helmets will be stat-less. I don't know about you guys but i'm not too thrilled by the this discrepancy with helmets' function. Nor am I too thrilled about the possibility of confusion this may cause new players when they got to spend their actual money. Some where down the line the number of helmets without stats will be grater than those with, at that time it is quite possible for a new player not know that some helmets may fix a problem he has with his warframe. I don't think he will be too pleased to find out that he may have wasted his money or picked the wrong helmet. So here is my solution, keep the stats but apply them to a new slot, the System Core slot.


System Cores are modules that changes the priority of power distribution in a warframe. What this means is that they will all have benefits and disadvantages just like the current helmets do. The stats for these System Cores would be the same as the current helmets plus what ever DE wants to add. So you would still have the plus speed mod for Rhino and the power efficiency for the loki, it would just be on a new equip able item that does not affect appearance. The way i'm envisioning the System Cores, they would also be warframe specific. So you could not put Rhino's speed mod on loki. This would also allow for future expansion of the system on a per warframe basis while also keeping in line things like lokis rushing ability. But the system could also be open, it would just be up to DE.


Now that we know how System Cores work, how would you get them? Well i purpose, at least for the current System Cores, that they be bundled in with helmets. This would allow DE to keep both the players who want helmets to change stats and those who don't happy. Future System Cores could also be bundled in with helmets or just be found through other systems, but there could also be special System Cores that only drop off bosses. They could special things such as modify abilities. One system core could make it so Excaliber's Slashdash does much less damage but it now heals friendly shields and health. Or Vauban's Bastille now holds more targets but lose duration. Something similar to World of Warcrafts glyph system, not one System Core would be better than any other. Nor would any System Core be better than just going without. It becomes another point of player choice and preferences.


Now the one part of this that I'm not too thrilled about is just having another slot. Those that have been playing Warframe for 350 hours likely understand the in's and out's of Warframe and would not be bothered by a new game system. But for new players it would have to be clearly explained to them just like every other part of arsenal needs to be.


Thank you,


Questions, comments, concerns? Think this is too similar to auras? Do you feel that the mod system is already enough when it comes to player choice? Feel free to post below and discuss this idea. Not agreeing with me is fine, but I want to here why. How else am I to make this a better idea?

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The difference from the aura system would be this only affects the player themselves. There would be no energy regeneration or damage buff to x weapon. What this would do is change the basic stats of the warframes in the same way the now defunct helmet system did. Just without ruining your vanity. There would also be no penalty for not using a System Core as their is for not using an aura. It would be totally not required and in many cases if may be best not to use one at all.

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we should have Cosmetic "cores" to our warframes.


put a grineer power core and you have a handy dandy grineer giberish module that shouts every 2 seconds about somebodies mother!

use it to trick grineer into dark allies and assert your dominance upon them! (joke obviously >.>)


put a corpus core and your warframe can now do the "robot" dance to ask a friendly osprey to give you a hand(job) with shields!


put an infested core into your warframe and die of a severe infection!

but you get to live forever as a tenno burger for all eternity :D!








but sure ... more customization is always a plus!

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