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  1. try Dangerous Elite i think you are playing the wrong game
  2. i wasted standing for this *censored* i want my standing back
  3. yall got workin bounty's? mine just auto fail when i want to run em in orb vallis
  4. used deepl on my dude's chinese and there are some issues with the translation on it but in short the stupid flagellocanth fish has no hitbox for the spears https://imgur.com/a/ihYTz8S i wasted standing for this damm bug
  5. set the quest as active? if it is active then i dunno lol
  6. probs never untill they can work out how to get the money split working like the one steam has in place
  7. i would suggest a name change first, as depending on the kanji used Okami means God or Wolf, id suggest mixing a Viking theme with the wolf Theme,along side choosing the actual passive as Venari Khora's cat is part of her passive abillity maybe change the name to Fenrir?
  8. i pretty sure Hades only has 1 Dog to his name being Cerberus might be better to replace your concept with Hecate who is more closely related to dogs in Myth
  9. english aint your first? Each Lich is unique to the player who made it planets taken over are random but you will see players on the same node you are running can solo em yes by this ''red cloud'' you mean the planet covered in the red glow with a lich mark on top of it? it will be removed once the lich is dead
  10. ah yes calling all MR 1-5 trolls cuse they are new to the game
  11. if i had a cat like that id sell that stuff for like 20-25?
  12. Raid's broke more then they added with each update
  13. you do know CC is useless when u got a Nuke walkin around pressing 4?
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