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  1. highly doubt that ending your game gives you a veri code
  2. might be a hacker wanting to change the email logged to the account
  3. thread number 134656 on self damage is bea
  4. no need to run ISO vaults after you get the mech and the cortege imo
  5. 1) you made it our business by posting this in the first place 2) depending on who rules that specific country it could be forbidden also if you are so salty about this take it up with support
  6. first of? why are you in spanish chat using Ruskie speak and not spanish?
  7. wow overreaction much bro?
  8. ignis wraith is strong but compared to bramma its hard lol flamethrower to a explosive bow
  9. Bramma should be good , what rank is acceltra at? its pretty good imo
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