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Additional toxin mods do NOT scale the gas proc damage of Whipclaw.


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144% Power strength, tested in simulacrum, tested on real mission (Orb Vallis), got gas proc damages of 162 (non-crit, no combo multiplier, no Accumulating Whipclaw, no bonuses other than the specified bonuses) against Corpus Flesh regardless of the number of toxin mods added on. Was testing with solely Virulent Scourge, then adding on Primed Fever Strike, then a Dual Ichor riven with +Toxin.

(Base damage of whipclaw) * (power strength) * [(1+toxinmods)/2]^2 * (Toxin modifier to Flesh, which is 1.5)

300 * 1.44 * (1/2)^2 * 1.5 = 162

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