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Mission Idea: Galleon Salvage

(XBOX)Furious Kaiser

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Idea is for a raid-lite mission type where you need to bring specific roles to complete, namely a shield defender (Frost, Limbo, Gara), a cloaking infiltrator (Loki, Ivara, Octavia), and a high armor/damage reduction tank (Rhino, Chroma, Inaros). 4th can be a crowd control support or area damage dealer.

Starting out, group enters a derelict Grineer Gallion sitting out in space, unpowered and abandoned. Your objective here is to crack into the main hold and recover something something mcguffin. The defender frame has to start a hack that boots the main power of the ship, but the connection is broken, so a temporary connection has to be made by standing on this large room-sized pad. Unfortunately ship defenses come online as well, and indestructible auto turrets in the room will shoot up whoever is in it. Thus defense shielding is required to survive and maintain power for your allies. Pauses when the turrets reload provide brief windows to re-setup any defenses that may need it. Waves of Grineer enemies will soon assault this location, so the defender will have to stay on their toes. The Grineer will try to hack two nearby consoles, similar to an interception, to shut down power, which if successful, the defender must hack that first console to get power back on. While power is off, all progress of the other teammates is temporarily halted (not a full reset).

The infiltrator player has to carry a reboot module that drops when power comes online into a sequence of vaults and insert it into a console. A second console will light up and the infiltrator will have to navigate to it, hack it, and will see a symbol pop up on a screen that needs to be relayed to the last two allies (get to them in a second). The vaults have lasers, indestructible sensors, and indestructible auto turrets in the console rooms, thus invisibility is key to avoid getting shot. Once the reboot module is loaded in the first computer, Grineer troops will show up and begin assaulting the players (mostly the defender in the power room and last two players). The infiltrator player will need to take the reboot module and hack 3 sets total, relaying a symbol to the last team each time.

The last two players will be the snatch and grab (S&G) team. They have to get into the main hold, which will consist of a large room with six large doors, each door will have a different symbol on it, as well as two consoles that need to be both hacked within a few seconds of each other. To enter the hold, the tank player will have to run through a hallway of high damaging elemental hazards to stand on a button, which will shut off the hazards temporarily, allowing the 4th ally to pass. The infiltrator will relay their symbol they got to the S&G team, letting them know which door to open (any attempt on any of the doors prior to the infiltrator's hack is complete will just auto fail that hack. Any failed hack attempts by the S&G team will reset the symbol, which the infiltrator will have to hack again to get a new one to relay, which will most likely be different). Once a vault is opened, tank player will have to dash in under heavy auto-turret fire and grab the prize.

Upon grabbing the prize, the reboot module is ejected, which the infiltration player picks up and runs to the second set of console, etc. Up to three, for rotation A,B, and C rewards. New and tougher enemies show up for each rotation to assault the players.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Whatcha think?

This idea sprung up recently after talking with some friends about a lack of team oriented content that requires a team to bring specific roles to complete a series of varied objectives to get a mission done. So far I can only think of the Eidolon fights atm, but even that is stretching it as some folks can even complete those solo. I do miss the raids as those required people to rely on each other to get stuff done. I get the appeal of being able to do things solo, I do it a lot myself, but it is good to have friends you can rely on, no?

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