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  1. "WHELPS! LEFT SIDE! HANDLE IT!" Now that THAT is out of my system, onward! I ran a lot of the old raids back then myself. I know plenty of the issues groups had back then was connection issues and bugs that kept coming back every patch, and agree with both points here, that it wasn't that no one was running it (or at least from what I saw anyways. Sure as hell was a TON larger and healthier player base then Lunaro ever had). I never liked how running LoR was easier/faster with less people then with a full group. They never quite figured out how to utilize all 8 people without having fo
  2. Upgraded pet A.I. 'Nuf said. I know someone at D.E. has said they are working on it. But gawdamn it is sorely needed.
  3. Warframe - Chroma/Prime. Love my dragons. Love how, with Vex Armor, I can go "HULK SMASH!" mode. Been known to holler "CHROMA SMASH!" in the mic on more then a few occasions. Though I do own every warframe and have them kitted out to handle specific scenarios where they excel. Nova Prime is probably my second favorite, due to her kit being survivable and very useful in just about any mission type and with any team makeup. Fashionframe wise? Mesa Prime (with base Prime skin), carrying the Tatsu for maximum cowboy samurai bad@ssery. Mission Type - Survival, I enjoy testing the limits of my
  4. Sit in the Helminth chair and you can see the name displayed in the top left corner of the screen.
  5. Tossed around Carpenter and Romero (for John Carpenter and George Romero, respectively, two kingpins in horror cinema) for a bit. Settled on Romero as it clicked a bit more for me. Also, as with MANY others, thought about Audrey II at first, but felt it was too cliché and would be overused a ton.
  6. Comes with a free Ember Prime and Zephyr Prime with each purchase.
  7. Ya, I had to make a second Nova Prime because the polarities between a great speedva and a great slowva build clash too much. Very versatile frame that can do some pretty hard content.
  8. Nova is also a good pick with a Slowva build. Get the augment for her first ability, so it regens orbs as enemies primed by her 4 are killed, and it keeps it topped off, providing decent damage reduction. Molecular Prime is such a nice ability for higher level content as it slows enemies down making them easier to hit, slows their rate of fire/melee (roundabout way of damage reduction), and makes them more susceptible to damage.
  9. I did it because I could. I set a challenge for myself and saw it through. I have been running with my sahasa for many years now, even back when carrier was the meta due to the vacuum mod, prior to the all the updates with vacuum (was really nice when the fetch mod came out for animal companions). She seemed like the perfect candidate for such a challenge for me. Last I checked my profile, I think my most used companion is the Sahasa around 45%, and that is with several thousand hours sunk into the game over the years. Could I have helped 100 people with the forma used? No, not with how I w
  10. Could have been done that quickly, but I don't play Warframe as often as I used to. I do have a job, and play other games as well. Most of the resources that went into it were from farming the last Plague Star event and the stockpile of forma blueprints I still had stocked up from waaay back when we had the old void key system. But even then I had to rely on forma drops throughout the year to finish it off. Didn't help when Lich weapons became a thing and ate up forma like crazy too (still have a few to max out still). I only really ever hit up Hydron whenever I needed to level other gear for
  11. Welp.... guess I stand corrected. Thanks for the link. I have no regrets :) Fixed the title.
  12. Was partially inspired by that same madlad. First for a kubrow as far as I know. I am aware of a few others who have done 100 forma and beyond with other things though.
  13. It was intended, that was the slot I forma'd over and over, and it didn't line up perfectly when it hit 100 forma, unfortunately. Thankfully, however, I don't need to forma it again to get the fully ranked mod to fit :). Don't worry, it makes my OCD tick a little too.
  14. Took me the whole year, but I finally did it. Say hello to the bestest space doggo and faithful sidekick: Scylla!
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