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  1. Actually like this idea. Have a bonus of some kind by using a frame and melee with matching polarities in their aura and stance slots, respectively. Bonus could even be themed towards each of the schools' themes.
  2. I will suggest getting the Magnus pistol (MR10) (and eventually the Akmagnus) or Lex (MR5) (and Aklex) for secondaries, and highly endorse the Dual Zorens (MR2) for melee early on, but melees have a lot of flavor, so up to you what you like to use.
  3. A Gram P or Galantine P with high crit and high radiation & slash damages, or hybrid build with some status and corrosive/slash will work really well for a melee heavy setup. For guns, a well built & well modded Arca Plasmor, Opticor Vandal, Rubico Prime, and/or a Tombfinger kitgun are my recommendations. Frames to take: Descecrating Nekros for that extra life support, Frost or Limbo for bubble defense, last two can be good dps or support frames like Mesa, Nova, Saryn, Volt, Chroma, Rhino, Octavia, Banshee... etc. Honorable mentions off the top of my head: Memeing Strike Atterax, Plague Kripath zaw with high status & corrosive.
  4. Run Plains of Eidolon bounties to acquire regular lenses and Eidolon Lens blueprints. Buy (with credits) greater focus lens blueprints from the marketplace (in your ship). 4 regular lenses make a greater lens, 1 Greater goes into making an Eidolon Lens (the best one). This is the process to get the best lenses without paying plat for greater lenses from the marketplace. A forma is required in the process as an ingredient, so it might get a little pricey in that regard.
  5. I had the same thing happen last year. They only got one room deleted, tho it had a lot of stuff in it. It sucks, when drama like that happens, especially if you were good friends before. Hey, maybe this time you will rebuild it better then before, eh?
  6. Ya, recruiting chat in game is a good place to look, always someone advertising their clan whenever I look.
  7. 3 times a day. ESO. Almost every day since the ephemeras dropped. Not a single thing.........and I still grind on. I want my fire feeties, and no grineer, corpus, or infested are gonna keep me from my ultimate fashion frame........... 👿
  8. Lol, Me on a radial disarm Loki, my buddy on his Frost, both with tonkors, our go-to strat for easy sorties when they first hit. RIP tonkor, RIP. (cuz nerf) And then we got the Arca Plasmor......
  9. At one point I thought about swapping the placements of the vault and trading post in my dojo. But my clan is small and not very active right now, so it wouldn't have the impact I would like it to have. Maybe one of you moon clan blokes give it a shot and let me know how it goes down?
  10. From what I have seen, building (and leveling) prime frames and sentinels are some of the largest boosts to mastery exp. Sentinels are great because you get both the sentinel AND its signature weapon when built, both of which add to mastery rank. Use an affinity booster, and if you have it unlocked and leveled, the Naramon school with a melee weapon has passive that boosts affinity gained from melee kills.
  11. Chroma P, Saryn P, Nova P, Inaros, Volt P, Nidus. IMO. Each can be tanky, and has the capaility, with their abilities, to destroy high tier enemies, if played and built right. EDIT: have seen some nasty Gara and Mesa builds too. I don't play those as much as the ones above tho.
  12. Volt Prime has more armor and energy then regular Volt. Primes don't have any ability boosts over their normal variants. So theoretically, yes, you could do the job just as well with a Volt than a Volt Prime. But you will have to put more work into getting a regular Volt ready, and he will ultimately be a bit squishier, thus making you work twice as hard to achieve the same results.
  13. Just to clarify, you are crouching, then jumping from the crouched position, to activate void dash (assuming your not using default controls)
  14. I have had quite a few memorable deaths ranging from getting pulled by an Ancient into my Lenz shot to finding out that the Adhesive Blast mod absolutely should not go on the Zarr. But my most memorable death would have to be when my kubrow killed me. >Be me: Frost Prime, running a Radiation Hazard sortie mission solo (think it was an excavation irrc) with my pet kubrow, which has been forma'd 10 times and eats grineer alive. >Was defending near a radiation hazard zone >Don't realize kubrow had run into the hazard. >Enemy at edge of bubble is frozen, slide in with a melee attack for ez kill. >Kubrow attacks at same time. >She had the high ground. >Got 1 shotted. >Laugh myself silly. >Revive and finish mission while keeping a much more careful eye on my kubrow's status. Extra Credit: she has killed/downed friends and clan members in similar missions as well. Is always a good laugh.
  15. Sahasa. They do share that grapple ability tho. She is my favorite pupper.
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