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  1. A Discharge-focused Volt (range/power build) paired with a spore/miasma Saryn decimate ESO to some relatively high waves. Saryn is good versus infested and Grineer, were as Volt kicks it up a notch against the Corpus. Then wonder-twin-power-activate for complete annihilation of Corrupted waves. Volt's Discharge also works great for spreading Saryn's spores even further.
  2. With Thurble, YOU have to get kills within the radius of the ability for you to get the energy back. If you are getting the kills, but getting no energy while the ability is active, then that is a bug. Replicate it, record it, and send it, with as much detail as you can about the mission, types of enemies, mod setup, etc, you were using, to DE support.
  3. Hmm, fusing a 60% kuva weapon isn't really a good idea. Fusing it INTO another weapon will get rid of your upgrades. Fusing another weapon into your 60% upgraded one will keep your upgrades, but also keeps the lich's name on it, unfortunately in your case. The only time you would want to, and I think the game only allows you to, fuse INTO a 60% kuva weapon is if you want to change the element. Other then that, as stated above, you will lose your upgrades if you fused the 60% upgraded weapon into another. But you will get the name change. Get what I am saying?
  4. 1)The first mission was defense. I showed up with a random squad of 4, and instructions were to "find the target". We tried and couldn't. Several frames left and new ones joined. Still nothing. I left and rejoined and the defense target was immediately there. Is this normal? Did we miss something? Should the target be hard to find? A) Sounds like a bug. It happens, unfortunately. If it happens again, reset the mission, like you did here. For defense, the target is usually starts where the defense is when you run one normally, sitting in a circle. He moves around and follows a given player, and it changes between players after a wave or two. 2)My next Arbitration specified Ember. I was never a fan of Ember, but I had her maxed out, so I gave it a try.Worked out surprisingly well, and I've kept using for a few other missions. Do you guys ever take frames into Arbitration that isn't the one specified? For defense I usually take Frost or Gara for interception, but I took Ember to get the bonus. A) Ya, I take in other frames then the one specified all the time, it isn't necessary. But every once in a while, I will take the one that is selected if it sounds fun. Always good to run something outside your comfort zone from time to time, you can be surprised with what you find out, like you did with Ember. 3)How long do you stay in Arbitration? I think there were 2 of us left at around 30 waves. It was pretty intense, but I don't think I ever got that close to dying. Should I have stayed until I died? A) You can stay however long you like. If you want to push further I suggest looking in recruiting chat or clans/alliances for groups to kit up and synergize together. A lot of high level folks go for an hour in survival, or the equivalent in defenses and interceptions, with the more hardcore going even longer. Just make sure, if you are running with a pre-made group, to agree on when everyone is extracting. If you are running with random PUGs and want to stick around longer, hit up your teammates in the chat and see how long everyone feels like staying. More often then naught, folks will stick around longer and work together when asked. 4)The credits you get, whatever they are called. Are the rewards you get in trade for them really worth anything. I'm going off the youtube videos since I only have 5 or 6 so far, but nothing looks very valuable or even useful. A) Vitus essence is the currency/resource you get. It is effected by resource boosters and abilities, so there are ways to maximize your income. There are some fancy decorations for your ship if you are into that kinda thing. Other then that, I think the more popular things folks get are the archgun rivens and Kuva. For the mods, Power Donation has some uses in support kits, as well as being a crucial mod for a high end Nova's Speedva build. Preparation has some niche use in speedrunning kits and setups. The rest of the mods offered may have other niche uses I haven't thought of, so collect them, or not, up to you. And last, but not least, you can get the keys to acquire Grendel from the Arby store. The missions that the keys open up that you have to do are pretty tough (all mods are turned off, can't use items or operator mode), but you have a 100% chance of getting the Grendel part upon completion, and the key is only consumed when completed, meaning if you fail, you keep your key to try again. 5)Lastly, there was this "thing" that looked like one of the life supports in the survival missions, that was marked as an enemy, but I couldn't damage it a bit, and no one else in the squad seemed to care about it. Any idea what it might be? A) I think you saw a Healing tower, dropped with an air support charge gear item, from someone with a Mantis drop ship. Click on it to heal yourself. It has something like 50 healing charges before it goes away. It was either that, or a dead teammate, which you have to kill the arbitration drones and pick up the glowy things they drop (they only drop these if someone is downed). Pick up 5 of them, and take them to the "grave tower" to revive your teammate. Be careful tho, as picking up more of the "revive tokens" induces debuffs upon you, similar to carrying the points in the Index. The more you carry, the heftier the debuffs. If two or three teammates are down, it might be best to hit the extraction. EDIT: Correction: Red icon on a tower is a dead teammate. Healing tower would have a blue icon on it.
  5. My current lich I am gonna convert has my Chroma's Thyrus helmet on his shoulder. Looks dope.
  6. I run Vidar Cryophon for myself on the pilot seat, and have Zekti Apocs on the turrets, with crit avionics installed. Works fine for me, as I prefer the slower, but hard hitting Cryophons. Have had a few folks ask about my Apocs after using the turrets for a bit, so I figure they are working great for the general crowd I find in PUGs.
  7. Second idea: Dunno how this would work in an MMO setting, but having a way to change the town in a way by contributing resources or cash, or hell, have it tied to gaining ranks with the primary faction. Town upgrades it's features and/or QoL stuff as you do more instead of just having vendors wall off most of their inventory until you reach a certain rank.
  8. More vendors with cosmetics or orbiter/dojo decorations would be nice. Wish the animal vendor dude in Cetus had more pet cosmetic stuff as well.
  9. Hmmm couple things I see... First off, have you bought the archwing upgrade segment from a clan dojo tenno store (where you can buy Banshee, Volt, Zephyr, etc from) for your foundry? That might unlock the capability, but I am not too sure. Worth a try. Next, I stumbled upon a fairly recent issue with getting the archwing launcher up and running for newer folks that has DE's eyes on it to fix: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1189662-missing-archwing-launcher-blueprint/ And one last tip for you: DO NOT BUY the gravimag archgun deployer with plat from the marketplace. You will still NOT be able to use an archgun on the ground until you get to max rank in the main Fortuna faction and start to work on the Profit Taker bounties that open up after that. This is not a bug, but more a lack of letting people know in game that it won't work until after a certain mission checkpoint is done.
  10. Can't wait for pets 2.0 with the command feature they have been talking about on streams (in the past). Would love to have my sahasa to dig up some energy orbs mid fight on command.
  11. That or they did not bother to change the drop chances along with removing the lesser houses for certain avionics. Take bulkhead for example, used to get a ton of rank 1 an rank 4 (brainfarting on which houses did which), but the one you really wanted, the rank 7 one, had a lower drop chance. Now since they removed all the rank 1 and 4 houses for avionics, we only get the most powerful (at max rank) ones to drop, and thus, getting stuck with the lower drop chance for what was seemingly a common drop before. Just my speculation.
  12. I usually run with a dark red and blue energy color across a lot of my gear and it ain't so bad, but I do it more for the look then to ease my eyes. There are some black colors that almost, if not outright, remove energy colors from weapons and abilities. Could also use other dark colors to tone down the brightness if you want some color still.
  13. Relevant video for those that want a giggle at pushing "big numbers". Fun starts at the 2 minute mark if you don't wanna watch some old school World of Warcraft talk. I do not own this video, but remember it from my time in WoW loooooooong ago and it is always there in the back of my mind when folks brag about "big numbers!" EDIT: On watching this again.... this guys language.... has not aged well. And to the OP: Given enough time, anyone can achieve some crazy numbers in any MMO. Some just like to brag about it more then others. Just shrug your shoulders, laugh a little, and move on.
  14. Heavy melee user here, and that is what I do with my Gaze kitgun secondary. Primes a group of enemies with as many statuses as I could stack onto it to kick Condition Overload into overdrive before I sweep in with my Gram Prime.(built with crit, bloodrush/weeping wounds, berserker, maintaining combo, and some high corrosive dmg). Primary is usually a Bramma or Opticor Vandal for ranged stuff that I cannot reach with melee easily. Otherwise, if I can run to it, it is getting SMASHED! I just love the melee play style more. Nothing wrong with that (or other play styles for that matter).
  15. Would be fun(ny) to have a Clem mission where Clem fanboys a bit and paints himself up (and not in a GOOD way) in Nightwatch colors and recruits you to help with impressing the Nightwatch Grineer. They are unamused and attack you two for the audacity. In the end, Clem is happy with himself for besting a Nightwatch battalion.
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