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Tranference and active warframe abilities


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As you may be aware, when using transference, your warframe get complete invulnerability unless you have an active ability (channeled or duration based) in which case, your warframe get a 90% damage reduction. Additionnaly to this, when your operator health is depleted or warframe health drop below 30HP, you will get the transference static debuff which return you to your warframe, deplete shield and inflict 10% of your current warframe health as damage.
At first, it seems like some kind of balance, because the invulnerability could be used to abuse some active abilities on less tanky warframe while not taking damages, such as Desecrate, World on Fire, Amp, etc... which sound legit, but it's not totally for a few reasons.

  • First, your can't turn off duration based abilities, meaning the more duration you have, the less flexibility you have to turn them off and avoid your warframe to be vulnerable while transference. This is ok for channeling abilities because you can turn them off, but it's not for duration based ones.
    Also, there are some inconsitancy like Mallet, Metronome or Bastille (which are area team effects still working while transference) that are not suffering from this while Toxic Lash, Hall of Mirrors or Iron skin (which are personal buff not working while transference) does.
  • Quick Thinking start working once you get below 2HP, meaning Warframes relying on this mod for survivability will in most of case, need to take a single hit to get below 30HP and get the transference static debuff. It's even more a problem if the said warframe has duration based abilities that's you are almost always running, such as Mirage, Hydroid or Nekros.
  • Because of this, nullifying bubbles may be used a survivability tool to turn off abilities and get into transference without risk of returning back to your warframe. A debuff being wanted for very specific use in specific situation is not always a problem (negative strengh for Nova speed build, cold proc for better efficiency on channeled abilities, etc...), but here, it's very weird to rely on an enemy for survivability in Warframe, especially when it's only here in 2 factions over 5.

The solutions I propose to this is are :

  • Give the 90% damage reduction instead of full immunity only when the Warframe is using an ability that can be manually disabled.
  • Reduce the damaged required to trigger transference static from 30HP to 2HP so, Quick Thinking is still reliable survivability option, even when out of your warframe.

As someone who use a lot the transference for movement, crowd control, reviving teammates or simply avoid damages, I really think these little changes would make it more comfortable to use and constistant by let it work the same for all warframes.


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