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Plague Star - Catalyst and Phylaxis Remain Active After Restarting A Failed Bounty


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Sorry for the long title. However, I was doing a Plague Star run. I usually do 2 of each consumable to keep it simple enough for solo and still enjoyable for myself. After the console got utterly annihilated by the broken damage of a melee unit, I had to restart the bounty. The bounty tent east of the Cetus gate allows restarting the Plague Star bounty from within the Plains so I gave that a whirl.

What I did not realize is that my previously used consumables remained in the pool and were still viable for my second attempt. So, when I got back to stage 2, and used 2 more consumables, I noticed it was 4/4 on both. I was thinking time myself, well, it's going to be a long one.

48 minutes later and my non-meta setup managed a victory. It wasn't pretty, but I made it work. Still, I had no desire to do 4/4 on both so this is likely a bug or an oversight.


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I ran into this as well, in a fashion.

Full squad, except after using 4+4 we got a bit distracted and failed the mission before the mixer finished. Restarted from an outpost, much rejoicing when it was still at 4+4 when phase 2 started, except at the end we just got 1000 standing despite having defeated 4 Hemocytes and countless infested. The standing thing for Plague Star bounties started from outposts is apparently a different bug, but yeah, if you fail the mixing process, you should simply lose the stuff you put in and start from scratch on the next run through.

Seems like for now it's safest to just return to Cetus between runs.


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