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  1. Yesterday's Prime Time stream had the 3-day credits booster for its stream drop, and they've said that the next 3 Prime Time streams will have as their drops the 500 ducats, the display, and the glyph, respectively, to make up for the website being unreachable.
  2. Could be. Or maybe someone made a mistake in setting the reward items for the code.
  3. Would of course need to be localized, but it'd be nice if one could find all the elemental mods (90%, 60%/60%) with one keyword.
  4. Yes, it's how I got the items even though the website was down, and not what this thread is about. Something tells me you didn't look at the picture posted at the top that started this thread. According to that, the code should've rewarded both a glyph and a display.
  5. Got a new daily today. Was hoping yesterday's would show up too, but no.
  6. Same, got the 500 ducats, booster, and display, but not the glyph.
  7. Completed all tasks for last week, do see 5 new weekly and 2 new elite weekly tasks, and 2 completed daily tasks, but no new daily task for today.
  8. I've checked it against my own bookkeeping for clan affinity and it now matches up again, keeping in mind that the trophies no longer grant affinity on first build, which apparently they're compensating for by granting affinity for the Obstacle Course Architect room. In other words: it's fixed now.
  9. I suspect the bug was introduced when they added the trophies for Operation: Hostile Mergers.
  10. Sigh. I wonder how much standing I've missed out on from all the Plague Star bounties I've started from an outpost.
  11. Let's say I want to make a bunch of Meso M3 relics radiant. I open the refinement UI (sorted by "Owned"), I go to the Meso tab, I click the M3, select radiant, click the refine button, yay, one done. Annoyance #1: It takes me back to the "All" tab (with the Meso M3 [Radiant] relic selected) instead of staying in the Meso tab. So I click on the Meso tab again. Annoyance #2: The list is scrolled quite a ways down, showing me a bunch of relics I don't own, instead of being either at the top or on the Meso M3 [Radiant]. So I scroll scroll scroll back up to the M3 relic and make it radiant. Yay, two done. The "All" tab is selected again... *sigh* What should be a quick and easy process is instead a chore of extraneous clicks and scrolling just to upgrade 5 Meso M3 relics. BTW, depending on what relic you refine and your sort order, sometimes the list is only scrolled down a row or two, so it's only slightly less annoying, but still annoying.
  12. This has happened before. I think that instead of trying to keep track of when you add a new room and when you've destroyed all copies of that type of room (same for decorations, e.g. Trade Post), they simply iterate over all the rooms, decorations, colors and research, and sum it all whenever some event happens (research complete, building complete, destruction complete). Completing the research on this new blueprint has triggered a fresh summation and something (old) is getting skipped. This would also explain why different clans are seeing different deficits.
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