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  1. Has that been extended to regular missions? It seems like the corrupting fissure follows one player around, and if that player is waiting in the extraction zone, good luck getting more reactant (if e.g. you joined late or missed some).
  2. I was gonna post something along the lines of this comment. Getting this stuff in Europe means paying import fees on the declared value of the package (fair enough), and then processing fees (13 euro here,) on top of that (/sigh). Having the declared value be the bundle's instead of just the merch pack's was ... frustrating. This year I'll probably just stick to the digital pack.
  3. I just started the launcher (no reboot, no restarting of Steam, no cache verification, no ...) and the update went through this time. Either DE fixed it at their end, or I simply got lucky and load-balancing hit a working server.
  4. They should be able to fix it before then, it's just an error with one of their servers.
  5. I've already done a "Verify" pass, which succeeds, and then it's back to the above.
  6. Can't play the game because: "Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers." This is in the logs: 12.412 Sys [Warning]: GET /Lotus/Interface/Clan.lua!038_Bj9fi40P1+QV1rJGRPLFRg HTTP/1.1 12.412 Sys [Warning]: Cache-Control: no-cache 12.413 Sys [Warning]: Pragma: no-cache 12.413 Sys [Warning]: Connection: Keep-Alive 12.413 Sys [Warning]: 12.414 Sys [Warning]: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 12.414 Sys [Warning]: Cache-Control: max-age=10 12.415 Sys [Warning]: Connection: Keep-Alive 12.415 Sys [Warning]: Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:26:49 GMT 12
  7. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack Crew DESCRIPTION: Resetting a crew member's skills removes their bio blurb origin story and sets the contract duration to "N/A". REPRODUCTION: Hire a new crew member, [TRAIN] them and assign some points to their stats, hit [CONFIRM], then [TRAIN] again and [RESET SKILLS], [YES] EXPECTED RESULT: Just their skills reset to their initial values OBSERVED RESULT: In addition to having their skills reset, their bio blurb origin story and contract duration are removed. I'd call it a mind wipe, but they still know their names REPRODUCTION RATE: 100
  8. Just some feedback: losing affinity from previously completed Railjack missions because you abort out of the current one is enough reason for me to just solo it all. Edit: Specifically, it looks like in this instance I lost the bonus affinity.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When I finish an Earth Proxima mission and want to start the same or the next node at Earth, the map starts out at Pluto Proxima, requiring extra clicks. REPRODUCTION: Unsure, but it seems to trigger when have your orbiter parked at one planet and then run a Railjack mission at a different one. EXPECTED RESULT: I'm currently at Earth Proxima, the map should start at Earth Proxima OBSERVED RESULT: The map starts at Pluto Proxima. REPRODUCTION RATE: Most of the time, but the "wrong" Proxima depends on either where my Orbiter is or where I'
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Exited a point of interest at the entrance, ended up in a black room far far away from everything. Omni luckily took me to the RJ. EXPECTED RESULT: Find myself outside the PoI I just exited.
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Joined a crew at Erato, boarded a priority target, used my Necramech. Later on, tried to use my Necramech at the Orphix (straight hop from Warframe to Necramech), and got sent back to the Corpus ship, to the spot I first entered my Necramech, as if the game went "I dunno about you, but the last time I saw your Operator, she was way over there, so let's put her back there, before transferring you into your Necramech". Additionally, I couldn't transfer out, use my abilities, teleport to a fellow Tenno, Omni back to the ship or even leave the Corpus ship. My squad
  12. Or something like a data steal mission, where there's a hacking module that takes some time to get in, so you gotta defend the console. You can speed it up by e.g. boarding Crew ships or PoIs to hack their systems / kill their captains for decryption keys. So 1 or 2 go board the platform/ship, start the decryption and defend the console, 1 or 2 go AW / Slingshot to get keys, and 1 stays in the RJ to keep it alive.
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