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  1. For a circular saw, it's not doing the one unique thing I was expecting it to: to hit flesh and rip into it until I stop pressing the button (or run out of fuel / energy). When you announced we were able to ride it, I assumed (yeah, yeah) that meant as if it were a vehicle (i.e. until I stop pressing a button, run out of fuel / energy, or hit an obstacle), maybe slightly unstable so we'd be in for a wild ride. It doesn't have to be on-par for damage for me, so these buffs are meaningless. Its role could have been like the chainsaw in DOOM: perhaps not the most efficient weapon, but oh so much fun.
  2. Assuming that's an oversight and not intentional. Here's another without discount: Pragka Pet Bed
  3. In my experience bonus XP and syndicate standing are lost when you do that (after mission complete). Is that intended or a bug?
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