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Kela de Thaym Clipping Issue


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I have tried the Merrow mission on Sedna four times this evening and have had an issue with the Kela de Thaym fight every time. 

The first time, after the first damage phase, she spawned in face down and didn’t do anything. We were able to finish the mission without her doing anything.

The second time, while she was shooting rockets at us, she did a backflip and clipped through the door to the arena. Some abilities were able to hit her, but we ultimately ran out of time. 

On the third attempt, she clipped through the door again, but I had a bow equipped this time and was able to shoot through the door and hit her. After she retreated and respawned, she came back normal...until her foot got stuck on a platform and she stopped moving again. We finished the mission. 

On the fourth attempt, she clipped through the door a third time, and I hit her with Oberon’s Smite. She then fell through the floor behind the door, teleported above the arena only to fall again, and stayed at the bottom of the map. The waypoint I had put on her disappeared and, the mission marker claimed she was approximately 35m below the central platform. My friend was able to do a little damage with Saryn, but it was not enough. We ended up leaving the match. 

All told, we could only complete half of the attempts, most of which had a clipping glitch, and all of which had some sort of glitch. I’ve done the mission a few updates ago and didn’t have any problems 

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Four days later, the problems are still present. Playing solo seems like the best option, since all she does is collapse on the second damage phase and never retaliates. I’ve tried with my friend and matchmaking and there hasn’t been a one time she hasn’t glitches out of maybe ten attempts. The worst is when she falls below the ground and I can’t reach her with anything. 

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