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Idea for DE Missions and further updates


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Hello, this is a collection of Ideas to give the 'end-users' something to do.

If this is in the wrong section, as it's not clear where to post this, please move it. I apologize for the long-ish post.

I have been playing Warframe for a few years, (was around during the beta testing, so Warframe is not new to me.) While playing with my friend, who has been playing for a while now, came to the agreement that there is nothing to do/Not worth doing. It's boring.

We where excited for the night wave. I wanted the howling animation, and my friend wanted the umbra mod. Didn't matter we didn't get them and that option disappeared, for what seems forever(?). 

A new night wave is available at the time of me posting this, but I could not care any less for the "rewards". Neither does my friend. Making it, useless to play. Throwing ideas around, we both came to the realization Warframe is getting boring because their is nothing to do that we care for. Nitain is now, a more tedious task to get, because we have to get wolf cred to than buy nitain ... Instead of before the alerts got removed, it was wait every four hours for a chance to do a mission that would just give you one nitain. It was farming, but at least it was a guarantee to get the reward. 

My idea would be to, keep the Alerts, AND the Wolf radio thing at the same time. ALSO, force us to complete an episode before being "force" to do the next episode. Meaning, have to complete episode 1 to get to episode 2, and so on. Want to do episode 3? Complete episode 1 and 2. Don't feel like doing the episodes. there are Alerts to still do. 

This will give us something to do, all the time.

Honestly, as things are now they are boring. I find myself wanting to go to any other game, until Warframe has a new frame to play with, I get that frame, play with it, max it out if it isn't boring or not my play style, than get bored again.

The only reason why I am currently logging in is for the daily rewards, which aren't that good, and for the occasional sortie.

That's my idea, and I know I can't be the only one thinking this.


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@pamegros - The current "Nightwave" isn't really Nightwave, it is a stop-gap until the next Nightwave story starts. Nightwave is all about storytelling but DE didn't have time to get the next one ready due to Tennocon so this is why we have this Intermission.

DE have said that Wolf beacons are coming to Nora's stock in the future (NW2 probably) and I suspect the animations will as well (but they were pretty terrible TBH).

I keep seeing people saying that the old alert system was better for Nitain but it really isn't true. I finished the Vauban Prime farm not long before NW started and was using the app to monitor alerts. It took me months to get 20 Nitain but when NW started I got 5 after the first week. Yes, you do have to do a little more to get them but aquisition is far quicker now. For NW Intermission it is even faster as the point rewards are greater due to the accelerated nature of the Intermission.

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