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Feedback on Head Concept

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I'm new here, started playing Warframe a few months ago, got hooked and now at MR 23..

Recently started looking into Fashionframe, stumbled into the Tennogen section and thought I'd try modelling something for fun. 

Not necessarily planning on submitting for tennogen, but figured it could be good for practice.


I made a quick model on Maya, havent really figured out the details on it yet.

Would like some advice on making it match the Warframe style.


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Probably would've been a good idea to include that in my initial post..

I've updated the image with the head on the body now, this should help get a feel of what it would look like on the base model.


Please let me know what you think!

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Did a bit of drawing on photoshop for an idea of an infested version based on infested ancients.. let me know what you think!



@reaverkane Thanks for your input!

The geo does seem a bit simple on the front. I'll think about ways to make the face more interesting.

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