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Dojo feedback regarding hall size, hierarchy and room limit


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This feedback is long overdue and has been repeated plenty by others but still.

First is the base and great halls, they look like 2x1 grid but they're actually 2x1.1. By that i mean you cant put a full 1x1 room alongside the hall it but you can put elevators, labs and hallways. Can't it just be 2x1? On the same note there might be other rooms with similar issue.

Second is the rooms' parent child hierarchy, it doesn't account for when all rooms are in a full circle so if you ever want to change just one room you gotta remove every room that's been built after it regardless. If there is an option to force rebuild hierarchy after building rooms and/or allow rooms to have more than one parent that'd be amazing.

Lastly, this belongs in UI more than here but can we see room limit xx/100 and vaulted plat somewhere on UI? possibly somewhere in treasury window. Side note I wouldn't mind an increase in room limit.

Also, NPCs in dojo please. It was great seeing npcs in drydock but the rest of my dead clan's dojo could use some chatter noise too.

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