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PSA on Domestik Drones from Gary the Drone


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Hello! I am Domestik Drone unit 07734 stationed on Corpus lab 2203. People have designated me to respond to the name "Gary". I will be recording observation into my databanks to track the scientists as they work and to record any Tenno activity as well as serving as a cleaning unit. Please, do not ride me. It is unsafe and very immature. To ensure you will not make the mistake the danger of riding me, I will display one of my recordings for example purposes.

Diary Entry 1: My thoughts and consciousness have been put into a cleaning drone. I was once a resident of Fortuna and I am told to record Diary Entries if I wished to keep my humanity. My former name does not matter but I am now a cleaning drone with a brain. Great, I... *stopping transmission*

Oh, sorry, there seems to be an error in my audio log retrieval function. Rebooting to the correct entry.

Diary Entry 2501: I was activated for the first cycle of cleaning on the floors next to a central terminal. I first scrubbed the corners thoroughly and made sure that I applied wax to the area. It gleamed briefly and I proceeded to scrub more of the X Axis. After thoroughly scrubbing down the floor, some idiot got the idea that it would be funny to make the floor dirty again. I cleaned the floors again and again until the person gave up but not because of boredom but because he tried to balance himself on top of my hull. I did not notice he was on top if me until he fell in front of me. I was scrubbing the edge of the ship at this point so he nearly fell off the ship and was hanging on to the edge of the ship. My processing unit saw that the person's hands were dirty and needed to be cleaned. I did just that and pushed his fingers off the edge. The person fell and died. Do not ride the drones. They will get revenge and kill you if they get the chance. Ending transmission. *transmission ends*

As you can see, the Domestik Drones are very dangerous units if put in the right situations. Riding drones is not advised. Please refrain from riding Domestik Drones.

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