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Trinity Issues


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Tonight was an interesting night of sorties. I use an Xbox One controller on PC and the ability menu option in game. The weirdness I noticed tonight was not being able to use Trinity's Link ability when I pressed the key combo (I have it bound to LB + B). I also have alt fire + melee channel bound to the B button so imagine my surprise that when instead of Link firing off, Trinity began to channel into her melee weapon while holding the Boar Prime. First of all, the ability menu is supposed to cancel out all other inputs on those buttons. It works great for other abilities, but Link wasn't working at all. I could use it if I pressed 3 on the keyboard but why do that when the ability menu is supposed to make it work.

Second thing I noticed is during the defection mission of the sorties, Blessing sometimes healed the crewmen and sometimes didn't. It was 50/50 whether it would work or not. Yes, I was in range as other members of my team were farther away than the nearest Kavor. So I ended up spamming Blessing a few more times than needed in hopes of healing the ailing Grineer.


EDIT: So turns out the ability 3 in the ability menu is bugged on ALL frames, not just Trinity. It immediately goes to channeling even though it should be triggering the third ability.

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