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The Token System - Death Of The Rng Gods


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I know this has been suggested before. But I'm hoping to go a bit more in depth with my suggestion, so here you go.

I am also aware that one mechanic may be difficult to implement, but I don't think that would make it any less effective.



Tech Tokens - Earned from every mission in lieu of credits with higher ranking missions granting more and more tokens, these are used only to buy new "widely available" blueprints and mods. All of our credits at the moment will be transferred over to the token system, though the credits might lose some value. (I figure either 1k or 5k creds to a token.) I realize this will do little to defeat the fact that yes they are essentially the same currency, but they will be tokens nonetheless. Unsure of how the prices for blueprints would convert at the moment, since I'm not sure how credits would convert at the moment. 
Prime Tokens - Earned from Orokin Void end mission rewards, these are only usable to obtain Prime blueprints and parts.
Alert Tokens - Yes. Alert Tokens. These tokens would obviously be gained from alerts, and they would be gained one at a time. That being said you could use these tokens to buy the blueprints or even mods you wish for from the alerts drop pool. (No more waiting for potatoes.)
Faction Tokens - These are pretty much already in place with the Fieldron/Detonite/Mutagens. These need to be changed however so that they drop from the appropriate enemy type instead of from planets as a whole. Bring Mutagens back out of the derelicts. There should also be new tech that uses these that aren't specific to clan research.
    That being said, Faction tokens should be a 100% drop from any faction heavy unit or boss, separate from their normal drop pool. (Meaning a Heavy Gunner could drop Detonite as well as Alloy Plates. This is how the clan materials should have been in the first place in my opinion.)
Transmutation Tokens - I know, I know, I said death of the RNG gods and here's a system entirely based on RNG! However you and I both know that Transmutation isn't on the same level as random drops for Blueprints.      
       Transmutation tokens would be obtained in 3 different varieties. Common, Uncommon, and Rare. These tokens are earned at specific total xp amounts. The xp required would be somewhat high, but it would be a circular system. As you went through the Transmutation XP bar you would earn a total of 3 Common, 2 Uncommon, and one Rare transmutation tokens. After you have gone through the xp bar it resets and you start over at the beginning. 
       Each token would allow you to transmute different levels of mods. To transmute commons you just need a common token, but if you want to transmute 3 commons and an uncommon you'll need an uncommon token, want to put a rare in the mix? Rare token needed. No matter how many of a specific rank of mod you put in the amount of tokens will stay the same, however the number of mods belonging to that rarity will determine the odds of getting a mod of that rarity. So 3 commons and a rare? Still costs 1 common token and one rare token, but you'll have a higher chance of getting a common than a rare. 3:1 odds, see?  
      Oh and one last thing about Transmutation? There would not be Ability Mods in the prize pool. Please. Thank you.
Boss Tokens - These are obtainable from bosses. Naturally. These tokens would be used to obtain the much rarer mods. The ones that go beyond just having a gold rim.
Nightmare Tokens - Though I'm fairly certain you've gotten the hang of guessing by now, yes. These are drops from nightmare missions. They will allow you to purchase nightmare mods. That being said, we should be able to toggle on and off Nightmare mode whenever we please.
Augmentation Tokens - These will also depend on another suggestion, but they would be reserved specifically for challenge areas on maps. Mostly these are referred to as vaults in the orokin void, however I am hoping these will be available in all tilesets later on. When I get that suggestion thread up I will set up a link to it in this one.
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The current system isn't ideal but defiantly better what you are proposing. Because these tokens will come to be more beneficial for plat users, like me. This is just a question of time. Just look at credits pack, exchange plat for credits. Im most of all skeptical to prime tokens, as whole point of prime is the void rng. Reason why it aint on market at all.

Thumbs down from me, even though this system would serve me well as grandmaster.

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The thing is, at least in the system I've suggested you KNOW you're going to get what you want. Sure you won't have a chance to get it in one go, but you also won't have such bad luck as to go 3 weeks without getting the item you're wanting. Both systems are grind, this one is just a system where grind is constructive, instead of randomized. And to be honest as long as there's a crafting system in this game there will be a grind. Not to mention putting crafting mats needed behind grind-doors is NOT decreasing the grind.

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