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Solo play has gotten just too old for me.  The folks that started me on this game I don't think are ever coming back now.


I'm west coast North America (California), casual between 1 and 7 nights a week ~8pm to 2am sometime in that time window i'll be on for anywhere from a single alert and collect the daily log in, to a few hours.  I'm sure if I found some others to play with it would increase my time in game.


I would like to play with others who use voice.  TS or Vent. I haven't been able to ever make the in game voice work at all.


Completed Dojo would be cool but i'm more interested in just playing the game.

I am in dire need of farming mods and credits right now.  Frames sitting in my foundry waiting to be built and my conclave ratings are on the mediocre side because I just need more cores and mods to level up. 

I have only cleared a few of the planets 100% because, well found no inspiration to do many of those missions solo, and did not want to roll the dice with pug hosts.  I'd be willing to run through and clear the planets with others at their pace.


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Hey Wahoo, 


MORBID is looking for active members to join our family. We are a Shadow clan and have members from all over the globe. Take a look at our https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/87410-morbid-shadow-clan-recruiting-active-loyal-members/'>recruitment topic here and see if you would fit in. 


Looking forward to hear from you. 


p.s. Don't forget to read the disclaimer section :) 

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